Creating Folder Extension Data Structures
  • 19 Jul 2022
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Creating Folder Extension Data Structures

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Data Structure Quick Summary
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A Folder Extension allows users to create objects with folder behavior. Users are able to store additional objects (i.e. Entities, Assignments, etc) in the Portal visible folder.


  1. In a Designer Project, click CREATE DATATYPES/INTEGRATION, select User Defined Types, and select Folder Extension.
  2. Name the Folder Extension Data Structure and define data field names and the types. Click SAVE.

Folder Extension Settings

Setting NameDescription

Default Action Bar VisibilitySpecifies how to action bar is displayed (Show, Collapse, Hide)

Lock Screen On TimeoutLocks the screen when the timeout period has started

Show Default Folder PagesDisplays the default folder

Show In TreeDisplays the Folder Extension in the Folder Tree

Define Default Page NameSpecifies the default page name

Can Be Set By UserAllows a user to control whether the Folder Type shows up in the Set Folder Behavior dialog

Enable CachingEnables the Entity to be loaded into the cache

Hide In SearchHides the data type from appearing when being searched

Include ID In Flow Cache KeyAdds the GUID to the Cache Step Key for easier searching

Type Name SpaceCreates the unique identifier for the Entity (namespace.typename) to generate the SQL table name for the Entity (namespace_typename)

Audit ChangesSaves changes to Entity data in the Audited Entities table. This option is used when data monitoring is required for this Entity

Category OrderAllows data field categories to be organized by the Designer

Include Type Name In DescriptionThis enables or disables the visibility of the Type namespace

Show Add With DataDisplays the Add With Data action

Add Category NameAllows a Category name to be specified

Add Sub Category NameAllows a Sub Category Name

Show Delete ActionDisplays Delete action

Show Edit ActionDisplays Edit action

Show Add CommentDisplays Add Comment action

Show Add DocumentDisplays Add Document action

Show Manage PermissionsDisplays ability to manage permissions

Show Move FolderDisplays Move Folder action

Show Add Sub FolderDisplays Add Sub Folder action

Show Add ToDoDisplays Add ToDo action

Show Change NameDisplays the ability to Change Name

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