Creating and Using Form Backgrounds
  • Updated on 09 May 2013
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Creating and Using Form Backgrounds

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Form Backgrounds are unique entities that are used as templates to create forms with a uniform look and feel. Form Backgrounds can be created in the Designer folder of your choice by selecting the button Create Form . You can create a form using an existing Form Background by selecting the desired Form Background's thumbnail and choosing Create Form from its Action menu.
Forms that use a specific form background are automatically updated when the background is updated. In other words, the forms that use the background simply make reference to that background.


In this example:

  1. Create a form background and add an image to it.

  2. Create another form based on the form background.

To begin go to the Folders tree and navigate to a Designer folder and select the Create Form button then Form Background option by Default .


In the New Form Background pop-up, name the Form Background and click Create .

Click on the white space on Canvas , in the Properties panel, locate theView section, click the Background type selector for Color and then click on Background Color

This opens the Color Picker , which can be used to select the appropriate color for your background.

Next, you can place a logo on our background. From the Form Controls panel, under the Images category, drag the Image componentto the workspace and expand the frame of your new image slightly, to better fit the dimensions of your logo.
To display an actual image, you will have to configure theImage component's settings in theProperties panel. If you wish to display the same image every time, and you know where the image is located, you will check the Static Image checkbox. This will change the Data Name field to an Image selector. To define the image you want to use, you will click the Image selector.


In the resulting pop-up, click the From File selector.

Select the image and click Open
This completes the Form Background, which can now be saved. Now close the FormBackground Designer .

To create a new form using this background, create a form first. In the new form, click Pick fromForm Background under Properties panel.  

Choose the form background and click Pick

The new form opens in the Form Designer with its background already formatted and ready for components.

Add the components from the Form Controls panel. This completes the form, save it and close the Form Designer .

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