Configure Forms
  • 24 Jun 2022
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Configure Forms

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Article Summary

A Form can be configured by selecting the workspace and navigating to the right side of the window to the Properties panel.


Provides a Title to the Form


Defines the visual structure of a Form. Layouts can be used in conjunction with one another and are resizable for both browser and mobile platforms. For example, putting a Grid Layout inside a stack panel or a Grid inside a Grid. The default layout is the GridLayout.


Displays the Registration ID of the Form.


 Set the customization of the Form's font, color, formatting, and size.

Design Size

Setting NameDescription
Designer WidthSets the width of the Form
Designer HeightSets the height of the Form

Form Background

Allows the option to create or pick a Form background template. Forms that use a specific Form Background are automatically updated once the background is updated.

Form Outcome Scenario

Allows the Form to navigate down a specified outcome path when the Enter key is pressed at runtime.

Form Rules

Setting NameDescription
Active Form FlowsProvides dynamic behaviors to be enabled on the Form
Active Form Flows DataData used in an Active Form Flow
Active Form Flows Outcome PathsOutcome paths created from an Active Form Flow
LegacyOptions to add behavior to the Form using Legacy settings


Setting NameDescription
Allow Runtime CSS File NameAllows a CSS Style Sheet to be applied to the Form at runtime
Style SheetsProvides a list of Style Sheets


Setting NameDescription
Restrict Tabbing to FormToggles if tabbing out of the Form is permitted if within an embedded Form. Unchecking this box will allow the browser to handle further tabbing outside of the Form
Auto Focus First ControlToggles if tabbing autofocuses on the control with the lowest number in the Tab Order


Allows the configuration of Key Triggers that can customize the Form to jump to perform an action when a certain key is pressed.


Allows the customization of Validation settings for the Form.

For further information on Forms, visit the Decisions Forum.

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