Generating a Data Form via Structure
  • Updated on 09 Dec 2016
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Generating a Data Form via Structure

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This tutorial demonstrates how to create a Form based on a Defined Structure Type fields. This feature was introduced in Decisions 4.0 and serves for faster Form designing.
In this example we are going to create a simple Data Structure Type , create a Form based on this Data Structure and use this Form in a simple Flow .
We begin in the Designer Folder with creating a simple Flow Structure . On the Folder Actions Panel we click Datatypes/Database > User Defined Types > Flow Structure.

In Flow Structure definition window we Name our Type and createData Field Members. When finished, we click Ok to save and continue.

Then, we locate our Flow Structure , select it and pick Generate Data Form.

Create Form window pops-up. In the Setup section we define Form Name first. Then, we pick Form Layout Style.

Next, we can set following:

  • Output Only checkbox (if we want data fields to be Output Only)
  • Outputs Optional (if we don’t require User to input data)
  • Done Outcome Name (Provide Name for Done Outcome button on the Form)
  • Cancel Outcome Name (to create second Button on the Form)
  • Setup – Padding (to set left and top padding)

We click Ok to create our Form .

System generates and creates a Form based on our Data Structure and settings provided. We are going to see how this Form looks in the Flow .
In theDesigner Folder we clickCreate Flow on the Folder Actions Panel. Then, we Name the Flow and click Ok to proceed to the Flow Designer .

We locate our Form from Data Structure under Flows, Rules, Forms and Reports > Forms [Interaction] > [Current Folder] category and Add it to our Flow .

Then, we connect the outcomes from the Form to the End Step in our Flow .

Next, we select Form step on the work-space and click Edit Input Mapping on Edit Step Actions Panel.

In the Mapping Editor we pickBuild Data Mapping type for the Form input and then define Constant field values for our Data Structure . When finished, we can save and close Mapping Editor.

And this completes our Flow , so we can save the Flow and close Flow Designer.
Back in the Designer Folder we locate our Flow and click Run Flow from thumbnail’s Action menu.

Our auto generated Form pops up…

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