Last Updated: 10/18/2018 Introduced in Version:


Decisions has a built-in history and audit mechanisms that save every change that is made in Decisions. The application server always has an office file auto save that storing data. View, maintain and navigate back to older versions for the purpose of finding work that you have done. This gives you the capability to view needed records of corrections or even analyzing an old error. 

When a  flow is opened, the history is automatically stored and manual checkpoints can be created. The history can be easily viewed and allows the designer to roll back to view changes that have been made. When a flow is running and a change needs to be made to a version of the original flow, the flow can be copied and a duplicate can be saved and stored before any changes are made. The original flow can continue to run as long as it is needed and the new copied flow can have changes made as needed, the mappings will then be routed into the new flow.

Locate the auto saved history of each flow navigate to the orange action panel on the top of the flow designer and select History


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