Version 8.8.x Release Notes
  • 14 Feb 2023
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Version 8.8.x Release Notes

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Version 8.0-8.8 is built on .NET 6
Version 8.9+ is built on .NET 7

Impact on Upgrades 

  • Upgrades from versions before v7 require an "uninstall" ahead of installing v8
  • ALL Custom Libraries will need to be recompiled.
  • Custom assemblies will need to be re-written. 
  • Modules may require design refactoring or downloading newer  versions.
  • Running multiple versions with the same database is not supported.
  • LESS files from prior versions are not directly compatible with v8
Breaking Change: [DT-036459] File Upload Button cannot be cleared by Active Form Flow

In previous versions, the Multi File Upload and Multi File Upload Area Form Controls could be set from Active Form Flow or Data Flow if the Specify Inputs property was false. This has been fixed but will break for customers who set the values in these controls, and the Specify Inputs property is false.

This affects Simple Forms and Normal Forms.

Updates 8.8.1 (January 5, 2023)

DT TitleDescriptionScreenshot if applicable
[DT-037015] Installer - Self-Hosting: Cannot define Portal Base URL during installation
An error was introduced in 8.8 that prevented the ability to change the URL.
[DT-037021] PostgreSQL installation cannot have a license applied through the license generator

In 8.8, licensing through the license utility was not getting applied on Postgres installations.


8.8 New Features (December 28, 2022)

[DT-034639] Whitelist File TypesAdded a new Setting in the Portal Settings to specify Allowed Extensions. Each item must be specified in the line, or it will not be allowed.
[DT-036390] Add the ability to upload the custom module zip from Decisions.
The action was added in System > Administration > Features Page for 'upload and install module'. This allows a user to add a custom module zip.
[DT-036353] Auto-Disable / Timeout Global Debugger Setting
Added the ability to set a Timer on the Global Debugger; these properties cannot be changed while the Global Debugger runs.
[DT-035707] Ability to enable/disable the global debugger
Added ability for users to specify which groups are allowed to access the global debugger under System > Settings > Global Debugger Settings
[DT-036459] File Upload Button cannot be cleared by Active Form Flow
Added 'Clear File Upload Control Value' step in Active Form Flows.
[DT-035279] FR: System alerting for Schedule jobs/Interval jobs that Failed to run
We have implemented a system alert for scheduled jobs if they fail to run. If any scheduled job is delayed/not run at the specified time, the user can get the details in logs and an email and create an assignment.
[DT-036421] Update Decisions SQL Connection String (Installer) to use Azure Service PrincipalAdded the ability to connect to Azure SQL DB using the Azure Service Principal for authentication.
[DT-036339] Write Logs to SQL ServerWe have now added a feature where user can now log in MS SQL server either using the local or external connection. The user must provide a table name, and logs will be recorded in the same table.
[DT-036340] Write Logs to Postgres
A new feature allows users to write all Decisions logs to a Postgres database.
[DT-036596] Change the Delete action to a separate section of the context menu
The delete action for entities has been moved under the 'manage' menu.
[DT-036530] Import Wizard - Allow including multiple decobj files or a zip file.
Decobj and zip files are both allowed to be imported.
[DT-036693] Update Logging Settings Report to Show More Information
Added 'Is Enable', 'Levels', and 'Use Global Setting' columns under 'Logging Settings'.
[DT-036670] Deletion Errors in Checkout Not Being Logged
Fixed an issue on the import progress screen where we were not showing that the entity does not get deleted. Updated 'import completed' notification to include a message if completed with errors.
[DT-036699] Custom Error Message for Form Session Info Not Found
Added ability to specify custom error message inside the portal setting if Form session info is not found.
[DT-035506] FR: Ability to reuse SAML login flows

Added a new feature to allow users to re-use SAML flows across multiple authentication points.
[DT-036409] Ability To Parse ApplicationProperties In ActiveMQ Steps
Decisions Integration with ActiveMQ can now parse ApplicationProperties along with Body and MessageAnnotations.
[DT-036358] Step Insert List Item at Index
A new feature has been added to the Add Item to List step, AddAtIndex; users can now insert an item at the specified index location instead of just at the beginning or end of the list.
[DT-036259] Add Ability to handle Multipart/form-data on API calls
Decisions can now take in a PDF through an API call.
[DT-036357] OAuth Token Creation Provides Poor User Experience if Token Fails
Users can now re-request a token if their initial request fails.
[DT-036352] Adding Clear Button to the Global Debugger Dashboard
The global debugger can now be 'cleared' with a new button on the global debugger Page.
[DT-036356] Add Actions to Delete, Rename, and Move Images in the Custom Images Folder
Added the ability to Delete, Rename and Move Custom Images to the 'Custom Images Folder'.
[DT-036427] OAuth Feature missed in Email Handling Jobs for IMAP and POP3 protocols
Updates our email handling jobs to correctly use Oauth for IMAP and POP3 protocols.
[DT-036829] Scheduled Job: Notify On Job Delay- True: 'Log Level' as 'Fatal' is not captured correctly in the 'Decisions.Web.Core.log' file when the job is delayed.
When a scheduled job is delayed, we had an issue in reporting it as Fatal in the logs instead of 'error'.
[DT-030702] Enable RepoSSO when MT is enabled - it doesn't work currently
Users can now specify RepoSSO for hosted tenant instances.
[DT-036313] Decisions Server: Navigate to Process Mining points to the wrong URL
Users can now navigate to Process Mining by a workflow or an action on a data structure without another sign-in. If you navigate using the workflow, it will take you to the home page. Navigating using the data structure Page will take you to the event log page of the processed data.



DT TitleDescriptionOccurs In
[DT-035908] DocuSign Module: Update the DocuSign settings popup to state the correct information neededUpdated the name on the setting properties.All Previous
[DT-035980] Anchor Tabs not processing in Send Documents for Signing step (Docusign Module)Updated the Docusign module to correctly process Anchor Tabs in the "Send Documents for Signing" step.All Previous
[DT-036311] AMQP Setting Not Respected By DecisionsFixes an issue occurring in our ActiveMQ Module where the AMQP setting was not set correctly.8.x
[DT-036379] ActiveMQ Module Can't Accept Token As Password Or Receive MessagesUpdated ActiveMQ password max length for ActiveMQ to allow for token authentication8.x
[DT-036414] Experian Module - Add support for Experian's "Experian Verify" productAdded new steps to the Experian module that allow interaction with "Experian Verify" for employment verification.8.x
[DT-036416] Github - Move MongoDB Module to Github.The MongoDB Module is now hosted and available with our other modules through Github.All Previous
[DT-036857] Installed modules can sometimes pull a version that does not match the Decisions installationFixed a bug where you could use GitHub to download a module with a higher version than the Decisions Instance.All Previous
[DT-034811] Make Kafka consumer stay connected by default
Updated Kafka authentication to keep its connection open so as not to experience timeout errors.


DT TitleDescriptionOccurs In
[DT-022519] Form CSS Doc Chooser disappears after editsFixed a bug where the Style Sheets selection disappears after clicking 'undo'.All Previous
[DT-035874] Form Control- Document Viewer- Unable to scroll if control is disabled.Hid the 'Initially enable' property for the document viewer and automatically enabled it for the 'View Completed Form document' viewer control.8.x
[DT-035910] Form Control - Document Viewer - 'Help Message' property is not working.This fixes an issue with Help Messages on the document viewer control not working as expected.8.x
[DT-035932] Data Repeater - Changing any repeater control value also changes additional input control value even though no data Flow was triggered.Fixes an issue with Data repeaters where they were getting refreshed incorrectly even if no trigger was present.8.x
[DT-036260] Assign To Field Shows Blank If Dynamically AssignedAdded a message to warn users if users are being dynamically assigned using 'Assignment setup' and got rid of validation on the 'Assign to' property.All Previous
[DT-036264] Simple Form - Combo Box outputs the selected value as null when used within the data repeater form.This fixes an issue with data repeaters utilizing combo boxes where the result was not getting sent out correctly.8.7
[DT-036325] Data Grid Renders HTML - Potential JS Injection RiskUpdates security for our data grid controls.8.x
[DT-036404] Form - Masked Text Box: A js error is displayed when running a Form after navigating from a Page with a Folder Activity Panel.Fixes a scenario where users potentially see a JS error when using a MaskedTextBox.All Previous
[DT-036552] JS Controls not updating as expectedFixed a bug that was creating new .js files instead of updating one.All Previous
[DT-036662] Performance issue with vertical/horizontal stacksOptimized performance of rendering on regular forms.8.x
[DT-036663] Optimize FormService.RunRulesForSurface methodOptimized RunRule method.8.x
[DT-036703] Advanced Data Grid Report NOT showing List fieldsAdded an additional condition in the Report fields to allow the Report's simple type array members.All Previous
[DT-036841] Clicking on the "View Completed Form" errors out when having a combo with Flow as input on Form.Fixed an error where you could not have a combo box with a select from Flow Input.


DT TitleDescriptionOccurs In
[DT-034543] Throw API Exception Step: Using this step causes confusing messages to show up in the Decisions logsThis task improves the logging for Throw API Exception to be better understood.All Previous
[DT-035966] Flow: Opening the ".Net Libraries" Folder in Flow designer stops servicesNot including the creation of internal Newtonsoft Library steps to avoid issues.All Previous
[DT-035982] Misplaced Token Replacement - Replace Text in Word Document - Replace with HTML textFixed issue that would misplace text when 'Replace with HTML' text is enabled on Word Document Step.All Previous
[DT-036124] Debugging Flow Samples throws an exceptionRemoved the 'Include in tree' property from Save Sample Data Step.All Previous
[DT-036129] RAW SQL step throws an error on SQL reserved word for non-database stored data structuresFixed issue where RAW SQL Step throws an exception if property names on the output type are reserved words.All Previous
[DT-036152] Add Mapping Step into Flow Designer, Then Deleting it Causes Error and Designer to BreakThis fixes an issue when users delete the mapping step immediately after adding.All Previous
[DT-036519] [T-045242] Stack overflow when opening Flow with Circular dependency and missing FormThis fixes an issue where recursive flows could potentially cause errors in a system; this scenario is now prevented.All Previous
[DT-036542] Stored Procedures with select type as output using an agent for the connection will return null or 0 values for intFixed an error with executing stored procedures with Integer type as output if user agent for the connection.8.x
[DT-036590] HTML-To-PDF step formatting issue V8Made the fields non-editable to address the bug.All Previous
[DT-036600] [T-051127] FlowDebugService.GetEditedUnit
TestDynamicObject doesn't work.
Fixed an issue where unit tests would throw exceptions after we added the option to pick a Flow as a data source.8.x
[DT-036604] Add action to view Error if one threw while gathering inputs for DebuggerAdding an action to view errors that happened while building the input data for the debugger session.8.x
[DT-036652] Decisions Server terminating: Memory of the Decisions Server Service increases drasticallyFixed an issue that kept a lot of data about steps in memory.All Previous
[DT-036658] [T-051520] Performance issue due to Loki logging configurationFixed an issue in debug logs that were causing performance issues.8.x
[DT-036680] Password field is not masked with Asterisk (*) for InvokeExternalWebServiceMethodStepMasked Password input for InvokeExternalWebServiceMethodStep.All Previous


DT TitleDescriptionOccurs In
[DT-036302] Truth Tables: Making changes to large truth tables takes a very long time to refresh in the UIOptimized Truth Tables to help with refresh times.8.x
[DT-036388] Moving External Truth Table to another Folder does not move its associated ReportThis fixes an issue where moving an external truth table from one folder to another did not bring the created Report with the move.All Previous
[DT-036468] Add Column Optimization: Don't calculate GetResolvedStateData for the truth tableThis task improves the performance of truth tables, specifically when working with large amounts of rows.8.x
[DT-036469] Add Column Optimization: don't refresh all siblings when adding a new columnThis task improves the performance of truth tables, specifically when working with large amounts of rows.8.x
[DT-036471] Add Header Action: frontendFixes an issue with truth tables not respecting the defined default input values.8.x
[DT-036475] Add Header Action Optimization: RuleResultInfoThis task improves the performance of truth tables, specifically when working with large amounts of rows.8.x
[DT-036488] Specify the Rule Set Id in the warn logs around RuleOutputTypeIdThis improves logging for Rule Sets to include IDs in the log messages to track better and identify messages.8.x
[DT-036525] External Truth Table: "Ignore Rules with Empty Values" does not work on the "in list" columnFixes an issue with External Truth Tables using the "InList" Rule verb for a column.All Previous
[DT-036565] External Data Truth Table - HTML sanitization causes performance issues for large data setsFixed an issue that was causing performance problems In External Data Truth Tables.8.x
[DT-036732] [T-051520] Performance issue when using RunRuleStep to execute TruthTableRedirected Execution of Rules to improve performance.8.x
[DT-036773] Rule Set "created by", and "modified by" information is lost when upgrading to 8.7Fixed a bug where 'created by' and 'modified by' were being lost after upgrading.8.x


DT TitleDescriptionOccurs In
[DT-035289] Report Action Buttons are missing when starting in multi-select modeAdded setting to specify 'No Actions to show' Message.All Previous
[DT-036521] Editing fields in Simple DB Structure Sourced Reports causes errorsFixed an issue with editing a Report field while running.All Previous
[DT-036543] Action can be performed on Report while it is loadingMade actions unavailable while the Report was loading.8.x
[DT-036571] Report Designer: 'Report Data Source Flows' is not displayed under the 'Flow Reports' Data Source category.Changed Flow Reports category to Common for Infrastructure reports.8.x
[DT-036578] When downloaded from the source Report (Data Source) of the truth table, the Excel file of the customer won't open and goes into a bad stateFixed error when downloading source Report of an external truth table.8.x
[DT-036648] Scheduled Start Column in PendingJobsReport has Incorrect Date Time FormatCorrected the issue where we displayed the Scheduled Start column in a String type.8.x
[DT-036765] Report - Calendar View: When timezone translation is true, drill down Report shows data from the incorrect dayFixed an issue where we sent data in an incorrect format from the server side.8.x


DT TitleDescriptionOccurs In
[DT-030426] Incorrect month calendar getting downloaded when the timezone of the application server and the client machine is different.This fixes an issue with downloading reports and getting the wrong month if the timezone of the client computer is different than the server.8.x, 6.x
[DT-036042] The Number of Resources is different than the number shown for the actual projectUpdates our repository entity count process to reflect the number of items in a project.All Previous
[DT-036214] Page Control:- ReportViewerPart:- 'Notification Group' property is not usable.Removed 'Notification Group' from 'ReportViewerePart' Page control.All Previous
[DT-036265] Page controls- Side Menu Container/Tab Container: The user can change the tabs even when the controls are disabled.Input controls are read-only if the container is disabled.8.x
[DT-036495] Vertical Split Panel Erroring with Form TilesFixed an error when adding a Form tile on the vertical split control.All Previous
[DT-036499] Portal refreshes continuously on logging in if the default Page of the Default Folder for the user has been deletedThis fixes an issue when deleting a Page set to default for a user causing strange reloading behavior.8.x
[DT-036573] dashboard flickers if Page viz Rule is hiding the default Page set for the folderFixed an issue that caused the dashboard to flicker when using Visibility rules on a page.8.x
[DT-036753] Pages are not auto-rescaling when opening a new window.Fixed issue where pages are not auto-scaling on a new window.8.x
[DT-036763] Folder Activity Panel Grouping Case Entity ActivitiesFixed an issue where changing the states of case entities too many times would erratically cause comments to the group.8.7


DT TitleDescriptionOccurs In
[DT-030835] MySQL Insert Step - Database Integration FailsThis fixes an issue with trying to insert data into a MySQL table with "Identity Inserts" set to TRUEAll Previous
[DT-034475] Import/Export actions should be removed from the OAuth tokenUsers can now export and import OAuth tokens to use in other environments.All Previous
[DT-036478] Viewing the XML Schema for the AddDataStructure method (System method - in Data Structure Service) does not renderFixed an issue that would not allow the XML version of the schema to load.8.x
[DT-036531] Report throws an error after ODBC Connection Timeout.Fixed a bug that caused an error when using a Report that read from a Snowflake table.8.x


DT TitleDescriptionOccurs In
[DT-034382] Password Settings More Strict On InstallWhen making a password, new accounts need to include an Upper case, Lowercase, Special, and Number character.All Previous
[DT-034974] Create Element Registration Dialog - Favorites get removed for all the users if any user unfavorites them.Using the 'Unfavorite' action as a non-admin no longer unsets favorites for all users.8.x
[DT-036005] uploading a file while impersonating an account that is pending password change will log the original user out.Fixed an issue that would log out the original user if they uploaded a file while impersonating an account with a pending password change.All Previous
[DT-036343] Import/Export: An 'Object reference' error is displayed after importing the attached project having the attached stored procedure.Fixed an error that prevented users from importing projects with Queries with the property 'return data' set to true.All Previous
[DT-036354] App Store Error Message When Attempting to install App on an Unsupported VersionWe hide apps if the Decisions version is lower than the app-supported version.8.x
[DT-036360] Images are not loaded inside Custom ModuleWe have added the ability to add custom images in the CustomImages folder. The user will need to update CSS from MvcStyles to display changes.8.x
[DT-036517] History folder is not moved along with the elementFixes an issue with a history folder not getting moved to a new folder with its designer entity as expected.8.x
[DT-036523] 'Back to Login' Links to SSO Page Instead of Native LoginThis fixes an issue with SSO integrations where the "Back to Login" action for a user was not sending them to the SSO Page but rather to the native Decisions Login Page.All Previous
[DT-036536] Agent logs folder missingThis fixes an issue with new agents getting installed but not creating the correct folder structure on the machine.8.x
[DT-036661] Schedule Job Report is not showing the job status.Added State Field to the Scheduled jobs Report.8.x
[DT-036668] Import Resolution: Only entities returned in the search results are imported if the search bar is not clearedFixed issue with Import Resolutions where only the search results were imported if the search bar was not cleared.All Previous
[DT-036681] Extend Help Center tools with additional Global Debugger actionsAdded several improvements to the Global debugger, including better menu navigation and timeout settings to disable the global debugger after a designated time span automatically.8.x
[DT-036682] Import Resolution - Reset button on the 'Import Entities' dialog box takes us back to the 'Resolve Import Issues by Category' dialog box.Added check for the count on outcome and removed redundancies to improve performance.8.x
[DT-036688] When Sub Folder visibility is set to 'Show,' displays as a Nested and ROOT folder in the PortalFixed an issue where Sub Folders would duplicate in the Folder Tree when visibility was set to 'show'.8.x
[DT-036715] Items Marked as Favorites Do Not Show When an Object is SearchedFixed an issue where you could not find or add favorites under specific circumstances.8.x
[DT-036722] 'Decisions Server' is not starting, and an error is displayed after providing the password for SMTP settings in the 'Settings.xml' file.Fixed issue with the order of logic when handling passwords set from 'settings.xml'.8.x
[DT-036743] DB - Postgres: System Tools - Flow Management: Data for the "Flow Management" and "Stored Workflow" reports are not shown.Corrected query to retrieve the Report data.8.x
[DT-036779] Logging Settings- MS SQL Server/PostgreSQL dialog: Validation is displayed even after providing 'Table Name'.Made changes to validation so it would not appear again after dismissal.8.x
[DT-036806] Logging Settings- MS SQL Server/PostgreSQL: 'Existing Connection' property should be renamed 'Use Local Connection'.Renamed Property Name8.x


DT TitleDescriptionOccurs In
[DT-035831] Installation: Though the 'OverridePortalBaseURL' setting is enabled on the Installer, it is not reflected in the settings.xmlFixes an issue with the installer settings to properly set the OverridePortalBaseURL Setting.8.x
[DT-036041] width: max-content property in CSS is not being supported by DecisionsUpgraded libraries to prevent an issue causing the 'Width: max content' not to update.8.x
[DT-036335] Unfavorite action unpins a folder for all users.Fixed an issue with the 'Favorite' feature where designer users could overlook steps for all users.All Previous
[DT-036496] Update v8.5-v8.6 container cluster breaks for PostgreSQL databaseFixed an error when navigating to the studio if a PostgreSQL database was used.8.x
[DT-036614] Postgres - Script execution errors are displayed in the logs after clean installation.Sanitized the connection string to resolve the error.8.x
[DT-036649] Show the version in the installerEnabled the text wrapping of the MSI download URL overflow textbox.8.x
[DT-036747] Repository - Most Recent Commit Information Does Not Load in PostgresCorrected query to display the data in PG.8.x
[DT-036756] Tenant Environment does not respect the '/account/login?autossosignin=false' in the URLFixed a bug where the tenant did not use the correct parameter to control login.8.x
[DT-036767] Tenant names starting with an 'H’ don't workAdded check when normalizing URLs to allow for H as the start of a Tenant name.8.x

Unsupported Modules

  • MSCRM2011
  • OPC
  • SymantecSMP
  • SCCM
  • SCO
  • Unsupported Modules if Hosting in Containers
    • Powershell 
    • SolaceMQ 
    • Python 

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