Version 6.20.x Release Notes
  • 30 Jun 2022
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Version 6.20.x Release Notes

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Decisions Version 6 has reached end-of-life as of 6.20.4 (June 2022). Please download Version 8 for the latest features, enhancements, security patches, and bug fixes.

Updates for 6.20.4 (June 29, 2022)

[DT-034557] Upgrading Breaks Some In Progress Assignments
[DT-035327] Updated log4net.dll and

6.20.3 (May 26, 2022)

[DT-034462] Using Queries for Agent Database Integration
[DT-035062]Updated Verbiage on License Agreement on Installations

6.20.2 (April 29, 2022)

[DT-034524] Open Source Copyrights on System Information
[DT-034577] SolaceMQ does not attempt to reconnect after a delay
[DT-034608] Email Field on Account does not allow underscore after the @ sign

6.20.1 (February 25, 2022)

[DT-026771] Increase Information on AD Sync Log error
[DT-031508] Some PDF files do not allow setting empty strings with SetPDFFormFIelds steps
[DT-031577] XSS error string
[DT-033498] 'Get PDF Form Field Names' step is not returning fields in Order
[DT-033638] Excel builder returning inconsistent debugger / run flow results
[DT-033792] Database index option does not create DB index
[DT-033834] CellValue Missing Parameterless Constructor
[DT-033978] New case entity records do not show user actions after upgrading

6.20.0 Release (February 1, 2022)

Performance Fixes

[DT-033005] FolderTimeLine -> GetFoldertimelineItems calls optimization
[DT-033036] Inbox - Poor performance when the number of assignments is high

Module Fixes

[DT-031300] Github - Move ForeignExchange Module to Github
[DT-031299] Github - Move USPS Module to Github
[DT-033175] SAML module CheckboxListEditor Issue

Form Fixes

[DT-032125] Issue with displaying data repeater fields on form
[DT-032329] Disabled fields are editable when form is accessed via link
[DT-032759] Remove Button "Sync Text with Outcome Name" when Text From Data Name is Used
[DT-032974] Null data inputs to download file component on an in-session form is failing
[DT-033010] HTML Display on Form not working in later v6 and v7

Flow Fixes

[DT-032204] Add Batch Insert To step for external databases
[DT-032455] Spelling Error in Network File Management Steps
[DT-032885] Clarity for Error Message Thrown by AddNewAccount Step
[DT-032636] Custom HTTP response headers in flow responses
[DT-032821] Embedding Using Same Origin with iFrames

Report Fixes

[DT-030590] Issue With Pagination on Calendar view on a Report
[DT-033039] Data does not update post Date Range Filter change...Calendar View to Data View
[DT-030624] Inconsistent behavior for data members on all views except the Data view
[DT-031471] Filter doesn't work for date column when "Other" format is used
[DT-032259] Report Type does not generate properly
[DT-032992] Ring/Pie Chart: Labels on Chart Legend are not aligned properly

Page Fixes

[DT-032988] Page -> Action Bar -> Optimization

Data Structure Fixes

[DT-033424] Create from Json Schema - Allow Multiple Types with the same name: Users have the ability to generate unique namespaces for multiple types that have the same name
[DT-033539] Create Types from JSON Schema: multiple objects with the same name will all get highlighted in the flow designer toolbox when one is hovered over
[DT-033605] Issues with JSON Schema Datastructure Feature


[DT-025605] Password Expiration setting in Portal setting
[DT-030777] Incorrect spelling of 'Sessions' in 'Portal Administrator Module Right' dialog
[DT-032367] Changing Value Is True Breaks Import Wizard
[DT-032708] HTTP requests do not return default Content headers
[DT-033082] Unable to Update FileReference

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