Version 5.22.x Release Notes
  • 29 Jul 2022
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Version 5.22.x Release Notes

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This version is deprecated; please go to Releases for the latest version.

5.22.1 Fix

[DT-026806] SSO User Context Shown In Reports
A fixed a behavior where SSO users in Decisions were appearing as "account not found" instead of their user email. 


SAML Flow Changes

In 5.22, the ability to take in a SAML Response to use it in at user login. This allows for the SAML flow in decisions to have more properties available to the user in the flow's data explorer. This capability gives the user more control on how to handle SAML responses within Decisions. 

Form Fixes

[DT-026435] Increase type length for completed_notes field for Assignments to MAX
The type length for completed_notes in the assignment data structure was set to 254. If a users data went beyond the 254 limit the data was truncated. This field has be changed to MAX to avoid data truncation.
[DT-025480] Repeater Controls Take A While To Update
An issue with the data repeater control that would not update with the user configured inputs. A user would have to delete the user control and re-add in order for their new inputs to appear.
[DT-026524] "View Completed Form" Action Breaks If Completed Form Had An Invisible User Control Component
This fix was applied to resolve a behavior that would not all user to view a completed form. Decisions would throw an error if a user control that was set to not visible was present. 
[DT-026284] Form Session Not Found Issue While Running DF
This bug would was caused by a flow that would run continuously in the background until the browser became overloaded. Eventually, decisions would throw an "...Internal Form Session Not Found."
[DT-026391] FormSessionInfo SharedContentCacheType Needs To Be SingleCopy
A Bug in Clustered environments where the FormSessionInfo SharedContentCache Type is set as active. This would cause an unecessary amount of duplicate cached form sessions copies on each node. It has been switched to single copy to so only one copy of FormSessionInfo is kept between nodes, in order to prevent unnecessary cache usage.

Flow Fixes

[DT-022441] Shape Icon On Sub Flow Shifts After Closing A Flow
A visual bug on the sub-flow icon that would distort the image when a new sub-flow step was added
[DT-026280] Error When Editing Flow
When a user would edit a flow, the property preservedUpgradedDataDescription would flood the system logs.
[DT-005080] Set Border On Excel Was Not Functioning Properly
An issue where Decisions was not setting borders on excel sheet cells correctly.
[DT-026344] Deserialization Issue In Base Wait Step
There was strange behavior on Decisions Wait Flow steps where it would flood the logs with errors.
[DT-026375] File Storage - Load From File Step Behavior
Unusual behavior with the "Load From File" Flow Step where Decisions would load the same file multiple times. 
[DT-026412] Listed Flows Are Disabled
An issue that had converter flows listed disabled, this prevented users from being able to use those flows.

Report Fixes

[DT-026472] Time Zone Translation Fixes
Time Zone translation would not respect user time zone on Decisions reports.
[DT-026061] Display Mode Options On A Report Viewer Component Do Not Function
An issue in the page designer and on the report viewer component, the setting for display mode would not change the reports display mode.

Page Fixes

[DT-026220] Pages Using The Page Data Viewer Component On A Tab Throws An Error And Doesn't Load The Page
A System.NullReferenceException was thrown when the tab container in a page designer contained another page inside of it. 

Folder Fixes

[DT-026677] ParentFolderId and ParentFolderPath Are Not Updating
An issue where a folder that was moved into another folder would not have its parent folder Id updated. This caused a folder to become difficult to find because its location was not being updated. 

Installation Fixes

[DT-026214] Installer Error When Choosing To Change Default System Administrator, Username and Password
A behavior that would cause all email validation to fail if a user changed the default Decisions administrator username and password.

Integration Fixes

[DT-024388] Option To Specify Salesforce API Version For SOQL Queries
API Versions are now selectable for Salesforce SOQL Queries.

Administration Fixes

[DT-025997] CPU Usage Increases Drastically Between 5.7 and 5.19 On A Form With Data Flows
This text will appear when the button is clicked
[DT-026512] Random Portal RewriteEngine Error (Object Reference Not Set To An Instance Of An Object)
System.NullReferenceException error would be thrown intermittently on any portal activity.
[DT-026389] Active Directory SSO - This User Context Can Only Be Used From Localhost
User Contexts setting set too strictly and caused "This User Context Can only Be Used From Localhost" to be thrown.
[DT-025997] Increased CPU Usage On Forms With Data Flows
Resolved a behavior that caused increased CPU utilization for forms that contained many data flows.
[DT-026736] Import With Similar Property Names That Have Underscores Cause A Mix-up
A datastructure property name that contained underscores would cause the property name to be duplicated in the database. This would occur upon import/export of the project into a new environment

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