Version 4
  • 22 Oct 2020
  • 74 Minutes to read
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Version 4

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Article Summary

Decisions 4.0 is a major release of Decisions that is a complete HTML rewrite of the Flow, Rule, Form, and Page designer. The following points highlight the major feature changes in 4.0 that are available.

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About 4.0

  • Pure HTML 5 Designer Studio (No Silverlight)
  • New Case Data Structures
  • New Multi Select in Flow Designer
  • New Multi Select in Form Designer
  • New Task Queues
  • New App/Template Store
  • New DataType Designer
  • New Redesigned Debugger
  • Dependency Browser
  • Form Builder Productivity Features
  • Updated Look & Feel
  • New Batch Flow Functionality/Leased Data Types
  • New Project Copy
  • New Truth Tables In Rule Sets
  • Streamlined Ruleset Editing
  • New Custom CSS form Form/Page Controls
  • New Interceptor Rules
  • New Sub Dialogs in Forms
  • New Data Explorer in Flow Builder
  • New Sample/Live Data in rule/flow editor
  • Data Centric selection of flow steps
  • Integrated Search in all designers
  • New Form Validation Using Flows
  • New Report Coloring Rules Using Flows
  • Styled Notification Email Templates
  • Enabled Rules on Rules and Flows
  • New Designer Extensions using Flows
  • New Free Personal Server (no license required)
  • New Bulk Data Load
  • Improved Mobile Experience
  • New Integrated Debugger for Rules/Flows and Forms
  • New Server Monitoring Heath Page
  • Data Structure Extension Improvements

Update 4.0.27

December 6, 2019



  • [DT-024250] Simple Tiles do not respect mouse position when clicking or using actions


  • [DT-024198] HTTP Rest Step to include response codes
  • [DT-019194] Allow additional values in OAuth token requests
  • [DT-024122] TCP SSL buffer causing message truncations
  • [DT-023973] Integrate with MobilePay through OAuth
  • [DT-020218] HL7 SSL Receiver Losing Certificate


  • [DT-024259] OutputSQLProfileLog Setting will break an MT setup

Update 4.0.26

September 11, 2019



  • DT-022761 Decisions Installation Failure
  • DT-022612 Production Debugger halting on step w/out exception
  • DT-022844 Upgrade EO.PDF version
  • DT-023339 MSH segment is dropped from message data
  • DT-023085 Get Segments by Type doesn't work for generic message
  • DT-020769 Sharepoint sub folders

Update 22

January 16, 2019


  • DT-019919 Zip files with password



  • DT-020372 4.0: Mobile Portal: Data Grid: An error is displayed when clicked on button if it is required and unsupported mode is selected
  • DT-020644 Copy Endform creates an empty form.
  • DT-020736 Double 'Allow Null Value' Error

Other fixes:

  • DT-020640 Duplicating Process Folder Prefixes In Cluster
  • DT-020616 2 Pages of log entries on a clean install of 4.0.20
  • DT-019254 4.0 - IE : Mapping Editor: Mapping Type - Constant: Unable to focus on textbox of value immediately.
  • DT-019404  List page: An error is displayed when creating any user defined types after deleting multiple entities using multi-select option.
  • DT-020673  - Can still access instance remotely after expiration date
  • DT-020731 extensions_not_allowed column needs to be set to varchar(max)
  • DT-020338 Get Index of Item doesn't allow case sensitivity
  • DT-020833 empty group names causing AD sync to fail
  • DT-017619 Assignments Move to Different States in Folder Activity Panel After State Change
  • DT-019897 Allow more filtering on SharePoint Fetch Items Step


Update 21

December 12, 2018 from 55165



  • DT-020774 Completed assignments outcomes not saving as expected when being called in Branch and Merge
  • DT-019528 CSS Parser does not properly translate double dashes (--) for Custom CSS Properties
  • DT-020075 Data Repeater not clearing when passed null or no data


  • DT-020499 Stored procedure parameters not passed to the DB server via the Agent


  • DT-016931 Circular login/instance dropdowns on MT instances where URL is a different instance

Other fixes:

  • DT-020794 Add Get Week of Year steps for PWC
  • DT-015826 Redshift DB integration throwing e
  • DT-020403 Add additional Flow Data Property
  • DT-020732  MySQL - No UI error message to indicate missing connector
  • DT-020708  Account Relationship checks for duplicates using the Entity_name
  • DT-020668 Sharepoint steps not working in 2010 version

Update 20

November 26, 2018 from 55147


  • DT-016150 Feature request to choose what accounts and groups come over from Okta (fix to only bring over accounts in the chosen groups)
  • DT-020437 Allow ability for 'All' Button on Actions Bar to be hidden if there are no actions



  • DT-020300 Insert Row step not respecting 'ignore First Row'
  • DT-020386 Maximize Own Window On Form Doesn't Work
  • DT-020548 Bug: CSV Editor converts strings to integers
  • DT-020573 Data Repeater - how to apply Validation Rules for selected rows
  • DT-020362 Upload components throws an error if Extensions Not Allowed is Empty
  • DT-020358 Different Behavior with Number Box
  • DT-018091 IE - Form Designer - when properties are expanded vertically, text from step toolbox is also visible
  • DT-020573 Data Repeater - how to apply Validation Rules for selected rows
  • DT-020541 Form timer exit - Does not stops when form closed before time ends.


  • DT-020423 Report: Email Distribution: An error is displayed when clicking on send button.
  • DT-020529 Refreshing Report


  • DT-020406 Cannot get REST service to work with rule sets


  • DT-020499 Stored procedure parameters not passed to the DB server via the Agent
  • DT-019199 Agent Service WSDL page throwing exception


  • DT-019353 MT Cluster Servers should be able to communicate using HTTPS

Other fixes:

  • DT-020577 LogCategorySettings.xml get overritten on SHM Restart
  • DT-016623 Synced Okta accounts are not deactivated in Decisions (Fix for accounts not being reactivated in flow)
  • DT-019770 Get Address Information Step does not work when used Twice in a Flow Google Geocode API Implementation is outdated
  • DT-019801 The Get Address Information Step Error
  • DT-020568 Extensions specified with dot(.) for "ExtensionsNotAllowed" property in portal settings does not work.
  • DT-019091 Add SSL to TCPIP in HL7
  • DT-020577 LogCategorySettings.xml get overritten on SHM Restart
  • DT-020578 Ignore First Row not working in Remove Excel Row
  • DT-019091 Add SSL to TCPIP in HL7
  • DT-020456 Sharepoint - Add Document step does not add Person or Group field
  • DT-019770 Get Address Information Step does not work when used Twice in a Flow Google Geocode API Implementation is outdated
  • DT-019801 The Get Address Information Step Error
  • DT-016623 Synced Okta accounts are not deactivated in Decisions (Fix for accounts not being reactivated in flow)
  • DT-012657 Unit Tests following trial card call is enabled all rules does not respect passed in date
  • DT-012657 is enabled all rules does not respect passed in date
  • DT-020457 Sharepoint - Add document step increments the version by more than one.
  • DT-019069 SilverDynamicDataGrid - Fixed-point value does not render according to German culture.
  • DT-020354 CancelFlow internal service step fails in in 4.0
  • DT-020336 Generated Web Service Steps Have Two "Use Windows Service Creds" Settings in Step Properties
  • DT-013202 powershell script project folders cannot be exported
  • DT-020362 Upload components throws an error if Extensions Not Allowed is Empty
  • DT-018692 DatabaseObjectsDataSource was being added to native type table.
  • DT-020522 New Database Connection messes up SHM
  • Update 19 - October 26, 2018 from 55124
  • DT-020252 O365 Sharepoint - Add Document step only adds the document and does not save the other properties on it
  • DT-020208 Multi Select Dropdown: If there is blank value in the input it is shown as numbers in the suggestion list.
  • DT-020209 MT issues with starting tenant migrated from Standalone Server
  • DT-019882 Email Response Job Completing Assignments Twice
  • DT-020267 Unexpected results with post to flow and flow alias on MT
  • DT-020362 Upload components throws an error if Extensions Not Allowed is Empty
  • DT-020358 Different Behavior with Number Box
  • DT-019801 The Get Address Information Step Error
  • DT-019984 Audit - IP Address - Session Id missing
  • DT-018499 Integrate with OData services
  • DT-015988 Local-only logout with SSO Error
  • DT-018499 Integrate with OData services
  • DT-017126 Add a Get Text from Document Bookmarks step
  • DT-019564 SAML metadata file error
  • DT-017126 Add a Get Text from Document Bookmarks step
  • DT-015988 Local-only logout with SSO Error
  • DT-018662 Salesforce - Find All Opportunities Step does not return custom field
  • DT-019955 Security Issue - javascript in database fields will be executed in Portal
  • DT-020109 DoStudioLogin and ForceStudio cookies not respected on login in 4.0.18
  • DT-019694 New steps to trigger folder changes only for certain users
  • DT-018662 Salesforce - Find All Opportunities Step does not return custom field
  • DT-020218 HL7 SSL Receiver Losing Certificate
  • DT-019154 Sharepoint Managed Metadata Support
  • DT-019955 Security Issue - javascript in database fields will be executed in Portal
  • DT-019991 Files can be uploaded without requiring authentication by calling uploadFileInChunk
  • DT-019987 Add setting to hide backend error messages from client
  • DT-018499 Integrate with OData services
  • DT-019519 Multi-Tenant Issue - Max DB Connections Error
  • DT-015988 Local-only logout with SSO Error
  • DT-017126 Add a Get Text from Document Bookmarks step
  • DT-017253 Feature Request for Insert Function in a Excel
  • DT-017266 How do we add/insert a new row in Excel file
  • DT-018499 Integrate with OData services
  • DT-020053 Log framing characters in HL7
  • DT-019519 Multi-Tenant Issue - Max DB Connections Error
  • DT-019511 Active Directory Sync Not Syncing manager
  • DT-019878 MT tenants need to have their control instance bindings set to max
  • DT-019985 File extension exclusions defined in settings are not getting rejected when uploaded through fileUpload methods.
  • DT-018304 modify SIU parsing
  • DT-019955 Security Issue - javascript in database fields will be executed in Portal
  • DT-019987 Add setting to hide backend error messages from client
  • DT-020120 Memory Issues on Tirade
  • DT-019458 Add support for Xero private apps with OAuth1
  • DT-019564 SAML metadata file error
  • DT-019984 Audit - IP Address - Session Id missing 13.1
  • DT-020066 Repository - Filter Checkout Projects
  • DT-020032 RE: Post to Flow - response in JSON
  • DT-018499 Integrate with OData services
  • DT-020168 Support ADFS with Sharepoint Online
  • DT-019991 Files can be uploaded without requiring authentication by calling uploadFileInChunk
  • DT-020018 Multiselect dropdown : Searching and selecting value using mouse click/Down arrow key does not work.  IE specific
  • DT-020030 Throw Exception Step Not Working
  • DT-019363 jQuery Vulnerability
  • DT-017119 keep data alive in ORM when forms are being used.
  • DT-020245 Return Query Step not respecting timeout value
  • DT-019363 jQuery Vulnerability
  • DT-019354 Filtering Action Bar has Issues when an Account is set to Translate to a Different Language
  • DT-017763 Allow Override/Specify Timeout for a Raw SQL Step
  • DT-008901 MT - "Auto Start" instances need better mechanism to detect crashes
  • DT-019579 MT: LM log files blowing up rapidly
  • DT-019251 Datatypes/Integration: External Service: Two 'Add OData Service Reference' actions are displayed
  • DT-019679 Number Box Does Not Clear if Auto Select is True
  • DT-020169 WCF service reference - one method throwing UI error
  • DT-017285 Portal settings : Collapsed on Start property does not collapse the left side folder tree on startup.
  • DT-019540 Portal Reports and Dashboards are still displayed when user violates IP whitelist
  • DT-019587 SAML metadata doesn't populate fields if single logout is missing
  • DT-020029 Sub Dialog Visibility Bug Recreation
  • DT-018950 Import: Waring - importing from newer version: 'Apply to Similar' button is not enabled if the same issue for other items is present
  • DT-019323 hexadecimal value 0x1C causes XML Error
  • DT-018939 HTTP Error code / Header handling updates
  • DT-019748 Creating a Query Causes Unresponsiveness if Fetching Strangely Formatted Data
  • DT-020253 FR - Ability to specify the Category in flow for sharepoint steps
  • DT-019854 Rule Designer: Input Type - Run Flow to Get Data: Selected flow is still displayed after removing it
  • DT-019329 Unable to "Export Dependencies" if there are No New Dependencides
  • DT-019801 The Get Address Information Step Error
  • DT-019806 Table Integration Selective Update Step
  • DT-020201 Active directory selected group sync issue
  • DT-019534 Whitelist IP functionality failing
  • DT-020213 Installer: Database Type: Custom Connection String: It does not allow to proceed if correct string is provided unless entering connection string for basic
  • DT-019630 DatePicker with Date Format Override to mm/dd/yyyy DOES NOT show the Month only shows 00

Update 19

October 24, 2018 from 55124



  • [DT-020293] Edge Browser - Cant add comment to activity panel


  • [DT-019672] MT instance refused to start with error "userContext cannot be null"
  • [DT-020333] Named Session on Multi Tenant UI/Form not working

Other Fixes:

  • [DT-019554] Changing DES to AES Error - avoid duplicates of this message
  • DT-020318 AD Sync By Group - Managers not syncing if manager not in group AND ignore managers if not in group=false

Update 18

August 10, 2018 from 55062


  • DT-018499 Integrate with OData services
  • Log4Net version update (for developers)
  • DT-018543 Logout step needed to logout current user
  • Plivo Support in Telephony Restored
  • Installer support for Windows Server 2016
  • DT-018496 Create SFTP Directory step
  • DT-017622 Add "Is Horizontal" Property to Check Box Lists



  • DT-019072 Data Repeater not allowing null input when optional
  • DT-019107 Number box, getting an error when the "AllowNullValue" property is marked true
  • DT-018867 T-015889 File Upload Issue

Other Fixes:

  • DT-019363 jQuery Updated to remove vulnerability
  • DT-019354 Filtering Action Bar has Issues when an Account is set to Translate to a Different Language
  • DT-008901 MT - "Auto Start" instances need better mechanism to detect crashes
  • DT-017119 Keep data alive in ORM when forms are being used- fix for Null exception in EnsureORMObjectsCacheSync()
  • DT-017285 Portal settings : Collapsed on Start property does not collapse the left side folder tree on startup.
  • T-016508 Serializing FHIR Type
  • T-016230  HL7 Parser - new parsing settings
  • DT-019154 Sharepoint Managed Metadata Support
  • DT-019280 Allow disabling of code verifier in OpenID SSO
  • DT-018853 T-015945 Reloading Tree View
  • DT-019236 Server Migration (Stand alone to MT Cluster) on BulkCopy skip missing columns optionally, making account migration more tolerant
  • DT-018281 Selecting a row on a report, on the first columns text, on a page, with Selection Bus updates, does not change the Selection Bus
  • DT-019214 T-016385  - Print Excel to PDF step is failing for Evaluation licence
  • DT-019075 T-016149 Annotating a Document with XY Coordinates
  • DT-019200 Add Image to Word Doc step - get values at runtime
  • DT-018562 Multi Select on a Report Viewer on a Page
  • DT-019154 Sharepoint Managed Metadata Support
  • DT-018500 Lookup List (Data Row) Does not Run
  • DT-018991 Add a user create flow to Open Id Identity Providers
  • DT-019074 Auth issues with OData
  • DT-019091 Add SSL to TCPIP in HL7
  • DT-018066 Delete Entities Step not respecting query parameters.
  • DT-018024 Docusign Module Changes
  • DT-018958 Add new attribute in sdk to allow parameters to be ignored.
  • DT-018525 T-015647 Problem running page as a form
  • DT-018922 Assignment Locking in Cluster
  • DT-016876 Additional Special Characters in CSV
  • DT-013891 Clean up the flow memory handling to ensure that items do not go out of memory prior to
  • DT-018796 Additional Access Pattern steps don't work over Agent
  • DT-018850 Search in top bar causes Type Picker to only display a maximum of 30 search results


Update 17

June 27, 2018 from 55026


  • DT-018499 Integrate with OData services
  • Log4Net version update (for developers)
  • DT-018543 Logout step needed to logout current user
  • Plivo Support in Telephony Restored
  • Installer support for Windows Server 2016
  • DT-018496 Create SFTP Directory step



  • DT-018199 Data Grid - Inline Edit doesn't respect read only setting
  • DT-018243: Data Grid - Inline Edit while Grouping Issue
  • DT-018247: Data Grid - Default Grouping Issue
  • DT-018113 Data Grid in Data Repeater Output Issue
  • DT-018066 DataGrid - Selected row not passed into sub dialog
  • DT-016286 Data Repeater inputs old data to Data Flow
  • DT-018050 Data Repeater - drop down list population


  • DT-018060 T-015319 Report Chart Sort Order
  • DT-018208 T-015274 Mobile Calendar Report - Events do not show (Events count position not rendered properly)
  • DT-016974 T-014225 Calendar View only shows entities on first page of grid
  • DT-017533 T-014543 Pie chart custom colours only show on hover

Active Directory:

  • DT-018027 AD sync needs to disable user removed from Organizational Unit involved in sync
  • DT-018047 Save AD SID in AD sync
  • DT-018028 AD sync picking up users in Sub Organizational Units but not including them in groups during sync

Other fixes:

  • DT-018850 Search in top bar causes Type Picker to only display a maximum of 30 search results
  • DT-018666 Spinner showing for flow with user-defined entity in data grid
  • DT-018648 Trailing spaces in URL in Repository Settings gives error
  • DT-018635 Undeleting a table definition does not recreate database_definition_type
  • DT-018302 Fetch Entities Cannot Handle 2 "created on date" filters with different values
  • DT-018521 leasedQueuedFlows SP times out with large queued_flows table size
  • DT-018323 Oracle - Need to auto-convert double to decimal (allow null)
  • DT-018514 Security Issue on login.aspx page - vulnerable to injection
  • DT-0188304 - modify SIU parsing
  • DT-018305 T-015471 Cleanup script for removing history folder comments throws error on startup
  • DT-017767 Runtime Selection for Rule does not work with Rule ID
  • DT-017618 Date Picker outputs DateTime format - prevents that as an input for Date type
  • DT-017401 Add validation to prevent admin user from deleting/disabling user with current assignment
  • DT-016774 Table Designer for HTML Merge Text Editor
  • DT-017899 T-015239 TimePicker Input via Dataflow
  • DT-016808 T-014199 encoding in folder full path breaking
  • DT-017482 Responder Email gets set to Null after email response job for assignments
  • DT-017852 Deleting a DB Integration/Query Flow Output shows "Cannot Delete" Warning, but Soft Deletes Anyway
  • DT-017861 T-015059 Branch For Each Empty List Error
  • DT-017363 users can bypass authentication using RefreshDesignerGridView endpoint from Network Tools
  • DT-016813 Add validation to import if imported object was built on newer version of Decisions than being imported to
  • DT-014200 Show/Hide Tabs on Tab Layout Using Visibility Rules

Update 16

April 25, 2018 from 47145



Update 15

April 17, 2018 from 47135


  • DT-017427 Ability to turn off Drill-Down for Report Charts
  • DT-017408 Ability to manually add and use steps to create group sub folders
  • DT-017362 T-014738 Telephony - Short Code Integration
  • DT-017290Telephony - Add option for female voice (Added option to Record Caller step)
  • DT-017295 Telephony - Allow input mapping for Timeout
  • Allow the Agent to be installed on more than one machine for ‘fail over’



  • DT-017656 T-014214 Issues with Form Data Flow and Visibility Rule
  • DT-016778 Data Repeater Not Outputting Contents for File Upload
  • DT-017239 Radio Button Validation Issue
  • DT-017623 Issue with clearing Check Box List once it's populated
  • DT-017139 Image gallery control : An error occurs in console clicking on selecting value from 'Zoom combo box'


  • DT-016599 Calendar Report View Not Refreshing
  • DT-017003 Reports not escaping JSON properly
  • DT-016002 T-013768 Report - Row Id is getting reset for each page
  • DT-017333 Report Designer Doesn't Recognize Trailing Zeros in Field Names
  • DT-017631 T-014992 Default date can’t be set for report filter in Firefox


  • T-014710 Decisions Agent Support Request - Agent multi threading for performance improvements
  • T-014945 - Database folder over agent not showing all options

Other fixes:

  • DT-017430 Truth table not retaining converter flow
  • DT-017188 Data types with different folders, but same name are intermingled in step catalog
  • DT-017363 Users can bypass authentication using RefreshDesignerGridView endpoint from Network Tools
  • DT-017257 CSV Editor Deletes rows and adds extra rows when trying to insert/delete/move
  • DT-017402 T-014799 Form with data grid does not render until resizing it in IE 10
  • DT-017532 Inefficient SQL in GetAccountsByAssignment Method
  • DT-016923 $ in value names break jsonSchema compile
  • DT-015596 Flow Execution Extension Data not deleted when process folder is deleted
  • DT-017409 Cannot Use Action to Delete Account Sub Folder after Creation
  • DT-017356 Using ImportedObjects in local module can prevent SHM from starting
  • DT-017353 Compute Business Time For Location Step Crashes Decisions
  • DT-017131 URL Parameters Do Not Get Cleared
  • T-014757 Issue with AddLinkHintData being used in a list builder preventing upgrade
  • DT-017361 Should not Archive Entities if Deleted = 0
  • DT-017332 T-014741Error overriding action context with number ID field
  • DT-017161 Ip Address not being saved in entity_Account_Session table
  • DT-017270 Shouldn't be able to delete or rename a group when it is used on assignments
  • DT-017289 Deleting process folder is slow if it contains an assignment role and the role's type has many assignments
  • DT-017277 T-014662 Error when tabbing and usingf DropDowns in Firefox
  • DT-017233 Issue loading Stored Procedure integration wizard with 2400 stored procedures
  • DT-016991 Using a Pause Flow Step in a Sub Flow does Not delete the dbo.flow_data_delta_storage entry when flow completes
  • DT-017221 Added new storage mode - automatic
  • DT-017119 Keep data alive in ORM when forms are being used so that a form can be left idle for extremely long periods
  • DT-017093 Validation Warnings overlap input fields on edit data structure screen
  • DT-015994  SECURITY 10.1 - Cryptographic algorithms and protocols must comply with cryptographic policies and standards
  • DT-017750 fileUpload control not respecting Global Extensions Not Allowed Settings


Update 14

March 12, 2018 from 47078


  • DT-016995 Add feature to log out all SQL by portal activity. This is for performance tuning
  • DT-016753 Date picker: New option to turn on/off date suggestions and turn on/off calendar picker
  • DT-017207 Powerpoint to PDF step
  • DT-016854 Azure DocumentDB Integration
  • DT-016607 Add SIP capability to Twilio Module
  • DT-016777 Add setting to ignore empty lines on import excel or csv
  • DT-016499 T-014004 Watermark in Masked Text Box
  • DT-016604 Override Required Message option on form components
  • DT-011515 Support SAML Certificate Federation
  • DT-015301 Import Wizard - added option to ignore all issues
  • DT-016143 New dynamic icon handling and better handling for SVG icons
  • DT-016028 Allow scheduled jobs to be named when creating them
  • DT-016202 Auto Create C.R.U.D. Folder for Entities when creating UDTs (DB Stored)


Active Directory:

  • T-014121 AD Accounts causing CPU issue
  • DT-015936 AD Sync only groups from logged in users should not be respected if group only sync is on


  • T-013109 Agent reliability fixes
  • T-014311 Agent Install Error on Windows Server 2016

Case Entities:

  • DT-016814 Unexpected form behavior when viewed from inside a case
  • DT-016509 Case Entity creation causing server to lose connection to database


  • DT-017031 T-014352 Data Repeater: Selection Changed Trigger runs at Form Load
  • DT-016948 CSS at Runtime in Form Designer Updates
  • DT-016536 Number Box outputs Zero instead of Null
  • DT-016795 Number Box allows non-numeric input
  • DT-016616 Number Box Required Validation for number box with auto populate turned off


  • DT-016800 Report: Cancel icon is not displayed properly for added Data Sources and Views
  • DT-016496 Report Calendar doesn't work with color rule
  • DT-016479 T-013968 Reports cannot filter by GUID
  • DT-013468 Counter chart on RVSP: Drill down not working, clicking on it does not bring up the drill down report
  • DT-016527 Chart Part - Drill down dialog does not show data
  • DT-017039 T-014190 Clicking on any row of a parent report must refresh the child report
  • DT-016790 Report Refresh Issue with parent and child reports
  • DT-015985 Report: Scrollbar shifts its position when auto-refreshed is set to true and few nodes are collapsed
  • DT-015417 Sorting and Grouping error on Report
  • DT-016605 T-014076 Calendar not showing more than two entries

Oracle Integration:

  • DT-017118 T-014422 Oracle table integration - Handle .NET conversion errors and output an error message on conversion failure
  • DT-017118 T-014422 Oracle table integration - Treat CHAR(1) as String and support TIMESTAMP column datatype
  • DT-016562 Oracle DB View that has Byte value shows as NULL in Flow


  • DT-017066 T-014376 Repository Update -Notify user if project checkout will delete flow that is in use by an assignment
  • DT-017071 Need to validate that revision exists in repository action update from revision
  • DT-016992 T-014300 Repository Functions Not Responsive
  • DT-016553 Repository and Import Export dependency fixes

Other fixes:

  • DT-016369 CSV to Object Step does not work with delimiters (except for comma)
  • DT-017182 T-014516 Download and Delete icons overlapped in single file upload control on View Integration Details
  • DT-017181 No Response Path not working on Telephony Transfer Call Step
  • DT-017169 add machine learning to AWS module
  • DT-017143 When Importing, warn user if updated flow is being used by assignment(s) and is missing the current assigned step
  • DT-017144 Complex data type holding another complex data type issue with data repeater
  • DT-015185 Color Picker: the colors stored with alpha rendered incorrectly
  • DT-016991 Using a Pause Flow Step in a Sub Flow does not delete the dbo.flow_data_delta_storage entry when flow completes
  • DT-017068 T-014295 SharePoint ListViewThresehold Issue with Get all items
  • DT-017049 Add Get All Numbers step to Integration with Twilio
  • DT-016962 T-014291 Folder Timeline - Reverse chronological order of items
  • DT-017004 Password Reset Utility Not Working
  • DT-014579 Text Merge Designer with too many variables
  • DT-016690 DES Encryption Warning flooding logs
  • DT-016853 Enums in FHIR not showing up in type selectors
  • DT-016581 Project Association not showing for datatypes in designer folder list view
  • DT-016806 Using exclamation mark in full-text search causes problem
  • DT-016363 Sub States fix on Process View Page
  • DT-014402 Web References (SOAP Integrations) improved clean up on delete
  • DT-016662 Folder Activity Part states are not displaying in proper order
  • DT-016522 T-013857 Issues with RebuildAssignmentsForRole stored procedures
  • DT-016407 T-013967 S3 Permissions Steps
  • DT-016507 Page Component: Vertical/Horizontal Split Panel does not allow resize on mobile
  • DT-016656 Allow RuleSet folder to be a root folder
  • DT-016626 Fix serialization problem where step is removed but connection is not
  • DT-016111 T-013832 Issue with Copy Designer Folder Action not copying tags
  • DT-016560 T-014054 Cannot connect to Sharepoint cloud hosted site
  • DT-015421 T-013317 Saving to Process Folder the First Form
  • DT-016686 Assignments set to Reuse delete all tasks if user is removed from one task
  • DT-016235 PRODUCTION - End Forms Override "Completed By" SYSTEM
  • DT-016204 PRODUCTION - MultiSelectDropDown Not Inputting Selections From Previous Form
  • DT-015601 SECURITY 9.6 – System susceptible to header injection attacks 

Update 13

February 1, 2018 from 42612

Security Fixes

  • DT-015587 Vulnerability Prevention: Cross-site Scripting (XSS) attacks
  • DT-015591 Secure flag attribute must be set on session cookies containing session tokens
  • DT-015600 Option to hide Internal error conditions that may reveal detailed information
  • DT-015580 Add extension filtering to prevent uploads of unpermitted files


  • DT-014995 Do not allow any changes to be made to a Guest Account.
  • DT-015093 New Office 365 Integration
  • DT-016199 New FHIR steps
  • DT-015299 Delete Project - Option to remove from Local but not from Remote Repository
  • DT-015363 Repository: Get All Up-to-Date Modified Resources after Revision


  • T-013794 Active Directory Sync Needs better handling with a huge number of members in a group
  • DT-016267 - View completed form action should show input data for auto-completed forms
  • DT-013821 IE HTML: drop down menu not available to user in IE to stop impersonating a user
  • DT-016084 When integrating with a Postgres Table, the postgres type (timestamp) gets created in Decisions as "object"
  • DT-016146 T-013787 Navigation Tree UI
  • DT-016155 NVelocity Merge step escaping HTML
  • DT-016187 T-013668 View Completed Assignment does not work if initiating account and assigned account are different
  • DT-015185 color picker: the colors stored with alpha rendered wrong
  • DT-015698 Upgrade of Decisions removes changes to web.config (HUI)
  • DT-016189 'Show Data' link on charts shows all data, instead of relevant data based on which the chart was created
  • DT-016198 Getting error in console while trying to set late date on assignment
  • DT-015816 File Upload Area: Allow selecting and uploading multiple files
  • DT-016008 T-013703 Error using Report Actions Bar on Page
  • DT-015976 Folder activity panel is showing entities that are set to hidden
  • DT-016081 HTML to PDF - content overlaps footer
  • DT-015989 Parenthesis not recognized as a character when creating password
  • DT-016154 Report Viewer - allow paging when Rows Per Page is set to 1
  • DT-015924 T-013693 Display Mask Validation Error
  • DT-016156 Cannot use report output types in a flow
  • DT-015976 Folder activity panel is showing entities that are set to hidden
  • DT-016089 ?DataTypes - XML/XSD - Angular brackets changes to '<' and '>'
  • DT-012275 Auto Complete Search List overlaying disabled field
  • DT-015888 Form Control - TextArea - Rule applied to text area runs automatically when focusing via Tab the information system must not be displayed to users
  • DT-015101 T-013248 States don't get set when Text.Merge.HTML is used on set state and set state and reason steps
  • DT-015460 Sharepoint Update List Item returns Success if ID is missing
  • DT-014573 Error using report with Account Data Source and adding an ‘and’ filter
  • DT-015011 Mobile Form Template: Does not show up in the picker on Create Form
  • DT-015598 SAML IdP - some properties do not update correctly
  • DT-015043 Multi File Upload/Multi File Upload Area: Validation border does not go off even after uploading a valid file
  • DT-015455 Increase quota in peer cache
  • DT-015929 Copy/paste available in Debugger
  • DT-015791 Valid Email Address with dash is not Valid in Decisions
  • DT-015290 T-013289 Translations (date and file controls)
  • DT-015861 Image Gallery: An error is displayed in the console when moving the image size slider if any image is not selected
  • DT-015862 Image Gallery: After deleting a file unable to upload the same file.
  • DT-015927 Stop Rabbit Queues from restarting whenever SHM is restarted
  • DT-015918 Page Data Entities Duplicated on Import
  • DT-015630 Runtime Filters on Calendar view do not work
  • DT-015897 IE - Activity Panel - End User - focus lost when typing
  • DT-015930 Process Folder Aware Behavior is hiding other flow inputs.
  • DT-015928 Should not be able to check in entity with same ID to Repo as part of two different projects
  • DT-015181 Show drilled in report when clicking on event on Calendar View
  • DT-015588  SECURITY 9.5 - System susceptible to Cross-frame Scripting (XFS) attacks and clickjacking


Update 12

January 1, 2018 from 42240


  • DT-015761 Make Setup Process Folder and Run Flow easier to use
  • DT-015875 Don't sync managers in AD sync
  • DT-015853 CSS shown at Form design time
  • DT-015131 T-013207 Feature Request: SharePoint Integration with Library metadata
  • DT-015521 HL7 FHIR module / STU3 Support and NOT DSTU 2
  • DT-015652/DT-015653 SANS Top 25 and OWASP Analysis Fixes
  • DT-014732 Ability to turn off timestamps in Process View / Activity Panel
  • DT-015549 Reduce locking in Client Event Service for Perormance benefits

Security Fixes

  • DT-015589 System susceptible to directory traversal attacks if using the web service under the file upload control directly
  • DT-015579 DownloadFileData page does not test path
  • DT-015587 System susceptible to Cross-site Scripting (XSS) attacks
  • DT-015592 Document / How To: System must be implemented with the HTTP headers Content Security Policy and Cache Control and x content type options.


  • DT-015852 Performance Fix to allow tuning of WCF Service Throttling Settings
  • DT-015723 Job Schedule Report - Last Run Duration Naturally Presented
  • DT-015878 Add web.config settings for pushErrorsToWindowsEventViewer and pushAllToWindowsEventViewer
  • DT-015290 T-013289 Translations Fixes for Validations
  • DT-015874 4.0: Page: Charts: An error is displayed when emailing drilled report
  • DT-015715 T-013504 Automatically publish SharePoint document by including meta data options in steps.
  • DT-012573 Form Background: Only header of form is displayed initially when it is selected.
  • DT-014590 T-012828 Sort order lost when applying a Filter to a Rich Text View Report
  • DT-014969 Process View timeline is difficult to follow if a task returns to previous state
  • DT-015817 4.0: Image Gallery: Thumbnail text overlaps if it is long
  • DT-015828 Query steps failing when being run in debugger on Personal License
  • DT-015676 Required SHM Restart upon update to Web Service
  • DT-015630 Runtime Filters on Calendar view do not work
  • DT-015721 T-013585 Limit on stored procedure length
  • DT-015484 Editing dataobject name of JSON datastructure breaks compile
  • DT-015527 T-013522 Rules used in report columns do not show in dependencies
  • DT-014932 T-013039 Thumbnail view in Gallery Control not giving a good preview of images
  • DT-015456 Folder Activity View is not showing impersonation completed by details if completed during an impersonation session
  • T-013424 Active Directory Large Group Sync issue
  • DT-015480 Changing flow behavior after creation sets recursion limit to max int32. Changing behavior should leave recursion limit value alone
  • DT-015572 Need to increase system constant value field from varchar(254) to varchar(max)
  • DT-015520 T-013517 Issue with ampersand (&) in search
  • DT-015505 Step with FileData as CONSTANT is reloading in property editor
  • DT-014191 Create File step: On deleting the Input file under 'Data' section and navigating back to the step still shows the deleted file.
  • DT-015426 SHAREPOINT - Change type from list integrations to not be hidden
  • DT-015101 T-013248 States don't get set when Text.Merge.HTML is used on set state and set state and reason steps
  • DT-015045 4.0: File Upload/File Upload Area/Multi File Upload/Multi File Upload Area: File Data: Max File Size is not respected
  • DT-015458 T-013196 Can't add Sharepoint 2010 items/documents inside folders
  • DT-015435 Additional checks in write stream to deal with empty nullable types additional checks in write stream to deal with empty nullable types
  • DT-014473 Can't Export Project With Colon In Name
  • DT-015391 RESTServiceReference entities do not automatically get added to project
  • DT-015436 T-013285 Datarepeater Tab out is not triggered
  • DT-014910 T-013142 Dev Ticket - Multi Select Drop Down
  • DT-015328 Edit RESTService Reference Menu > Output Values data editor type selection validation error
  • DT-015402 In RuleSet you cannot tell evaluation flows from transform flows, make behavior visible in flow designer
  • DT-014541 Conditional Rule Sets need to allow for Folder Order and then Rule Order within folder.
  • DT-015335 Validate whether data structures created from JSON Schemas can be deleted or not
  • DT-015350 PowerShell Module not working while MSCRM Module installed
  • DT-012248 T-011423 Logging out of mobile portal, re-logging in as desktop
  • DT-015590 SECURITY 9.11 – System implementing file upload feature must validate the file size and content type


Update 11

December 7, 2017 from 41722

Update 11 Features an IMPORTANT LICENSING CHANGE. VMs in some environments were rotating some machine values that invalidated licenses and Update 11 fixes this issue.


  • DT-014541 Rule set in folder need to sort by rule order and show rule order in list report
  • DT-014734 Output from a data repeater flow are lost if not bound to a DR field
  • DT-015245 new steps to get flow steps by group id. new steps to get flow steps by group id
  • DT-015177 Box Module - Add Step to Create Box Folder
  • DT-014775 Add "Input Data" to Multiple File Upload & Multiple File Upload Area
  • DT-014880 New steps to replace uses on assignment role on a folder
  • DT-015075 T-013239 JSON Schema List and Null Handling imprvements
  • DT-014882 Embedded Flows do not show up in the debugger
  • DT-014713 Failed Paths for Database Steps has less information than the logs
  • T-010586 Multiple any groups support / needs cleanup
  • DT-014301 Add support for FHIR JSON/XML
  • DT-015013 Add Set Date Part / Time Part Steps
  • DT-015014 Azure Settings should allow you to set any AUTH URL Azure Settings should allow you to set any AUTH URL
  • DT-014979 DT-014979 Add Generic Message Type to HL7 Engine that requires NO specific structure
  • DT-014676 T-012920 New abilities in ApplyXsltStylesheet
  • DT-014655 (Feature Request) Make the Generate Random Integer steps more random
  • DT-014735 T-012998 Feature Request: OpenID Fallback from Prompt: None to Prompt: Login
  • DT-014663 Scheduled Job Wizard being replaced with simple actions
  • DT-014822 Use Date Age Utility for the Activity Panel


  • DT-015334 Flow Run Parts on a Page being run multiple times
  • DT-015308 T-013357 Multiple Grids of the same form
  • DT-015163 Process View : An error occurs on deleting the Document from the documents section.
  • DT-015302 Salesforce Opportunity and Task not always updating
  • DT-014473 Can't Export Project With Colon In Name
  • DT-015198 Editing settings in installer removes custom fields in settings.xml
  • DT-015250 Folder timeline too many states issue
  • DT-014877 T-013094 Listbox Item not getting selected from a list
  • DT-014406 JavaScript error: Uncaught TypeError: t.updateChartInfo is not a function on line 92
  • DT-015178 Complex Object Data Flow Issue
  • DT-015147 T-013278 Report/Grid Auto Refresh not working after deleting Process Data
  • DT-014924 Process View Page: Documents/Sharing: An error is displayed on the console and nothing happens when clicking on 'Add New' link.
  • DT-015143 4.0: Collection Sort/Filter - Rule Collection Sort/Filter Steps: Input Collection: An error is displayed when focusing out after selecting mapping type as 'Select Value Form Flow'
  • DT-014938 Debug Level Logging to Record Type from "DataDescription.TypeName is null"
  • DT-015083 T-013236 Date repeater - Adding new row and scroll bar
  • DT-015041 4.0: Multi File Upload: File Reference: An Error is displayed when output of the Data Flow is mapped to it
  • DT-014871 T-013090 Cache Types are not propogating via the repository and not getting imported via export/import
  • DT-014590 T-012828 Sort order lost when applying a Filter to a Rich Text View Report
  • DT-015098 4.0.11: Got an error after selecting the second table for Relationship
  • DT-011948 Move Email Step Bug
  • DT-014467 Create Data and change value issue with Flow Exec Ext
  • DT-014580 Form fields missing when creating relationship from System > Integration > Databases
  • DT-014620 T-012846 Error downloading reports that use color rules
  • DT-014719 T-012960 Typo in Dependencies | Browse Dependencies menu
  • DT-014919 T-013097 How To Set the 'Default Outcome Senario' to Empty?
  • DT-014973 Data Structures Missing Action "Open Containing Folder" When searching from Folder Tree
  • DT-014874 Setting folder to User Portal Visibility show, then changing back to hide will cause the folder to disappear from the studio view
  • DT-014558 Hot Key Trigger does not run a Data Repeater's Data flow on the first line
  • DT-014855 Lines go missing in flow designer
  • DT-014635 T-012875 HTML to PDF - Page Number alignment
  • DT-014623 T-012831 HTML To PDF - Page Size Issue
  • DT-014112 List to CSV step : Show item mapping data -> Buid data is not working in HTML portal.
  • DT-014757 Getting inconsistent results with Run Async and Wait on Run Transform for List ADot getting inconsistent results with Run Async and Wait on Run Transform for List
  • DT-014891 Fix problem with mapping in property grid
  • DT-014818 Data Structure Throwing Error upon Saving. Override Database Field Name contains -
  • DT-014895 T-013119 Subdialog Button Issue
  • DT-014234 Insert and Update steps do not work for Agent connections
  • DT-014706 Cannot upload files starting with '#' character
  • DT-014747 Central Logic HL7 Threading
  • DT-014862 Remove IIS From moving logs in SHM
  • DT-014824 T-012271 Custom Process View shows up even after i removed it from the flow
  • DT-014533 T-012764 Sorting by Short Date column in editable data grid
  • DT-014724 CSS on a button prevents updates on import
  • DT-014112 List to CSV step : Show item mapping data -> Buid data is not working in HTML portal
  • DT-013908 T-012290 XML serialize step not able to properly convert null values to empty values
  • DT-014746 Allow Sharepoint connections outside of
  • DT-013265 T-012096 Event Button has text cut off when run in HTML mode
  • DT-014620 T-012846 Error downloading reports that use color rules
  • DT-014678 T-012929 Customer requests a Selection Changed Trigger for Data Repeators
  • DT-014234 Insert and Update steps do not work for Agent connections (Heath to review)
  • DT-014685 Property Grid Edit Mode on Data Grid on Form doesn't output all edited items
  • DT-013116 Add steps to allow you to merge image into DOC

Update 10

November 1, 2017 from 41011

Update 10 continues a focus on stabilizing form controls in the Decisions Forms and making it easier to style.


  • DT-014186 SDK: Improve the way custom dlls use other dlls for references
  • DT-011437 New Module for Kafka Messaging
  • DT-013115 New step: Allow you to merge image into PDF
  • DT-014572 HL7 Support for Completely Custom Z Messages
  • DT-014501 T-012758 SSO Silent Authentication
  • DT-014560 Performance Improvements for Memory Caching
  • DT-014521, DT-014090 Message Queue Handlers Make Rabbit and Azure Message Queue Handlers to be Import/Export Compliant
  • DT-014438 T-012669 Decisions SharePoint Module Settings Need Additional Properties
  • DT-014366 New step: Absolute Value step
  • DT-014288 Add Syncronous Multi Threading to Run Flows for List Step
  • DT-014414 Optimize Collection Rule & Flow Sort Steps
  • DT-014404 OAuth 2 call back with a real URL
  • DT-012607 Plugin mechanism for custom session handling (custom app to app sessions)
  • DT-013009 Ability to change flow behavior in Flow/Rule Set flow
  • DT-011873 Need ability to create relationships between user defined types that are stored
  • DT-013117 T-012002 New step: Set Check Box Field in Word Doc Step
  • Internal review of Create Rule Actions and update them for clarity


Form Controls

  • DT-014533 T-012764 Sorting by Short Date column in editable data grid
  • DT-014303 Check Box List does not populate using a data flow when first logging in
  • DT-013927 Textbox Multiline: The applied watermark value on 'Textbox Multiline' control not visible.
  • DT-014529 User Control Problem with Outcomes Rules
  • DT-014283 Date value changes to 1 day earlier if date is between 1971-04-05 to 1971-04-25 (true for years 1970, 1972 and 1973)
  • DT-014269 Initial line sometimes overrides the lines produced from a subdialog flow
  • DT-014460 Calendar: DataFlow 'Run at startup' is working
  • DT-010106 Display HTML control - An error occurs when selecting ‘Source type’ as ‘Selected’
  • DT-014205 Datagrid Inline edit mode - Unable to open the Datepicker when adding the date on second row
  • DT-014408 Form Rules - 'Is List' value does not get updated when clicked on 'Update Inputs'
  • DT-014405 Mobile Portal Date Picker - Data flows are not working and an error is displayed in the console
  • DT-014356 List Box Multiple Select - Data Flow & Rules does not trigger when selecting multiple item using ctrl key
  • DT-012023 T-011311 Flow Run Part Timeout with a Tab Container
  • DT-014363 T-012646 Hotkey triggers an Event flow even if the button is disabled
  • DT-014337 Whole numbers change to decimal format if up/down keys are used to change values
  • DT-014222 Validation on containers does not remove even validation rule gets satisfied
  • DT-014354 User Control - Visibility rule not working if Inputtype in the rule is FormInput
  • DT-014316 Data Repeater Date Time Picker - After focusing on it when closing the form by clicking on button or 'x' an error is displayed
  • DT-014257 Reports on tab container have issues when filtered
  • DT-014264 Add Form Rules Dialog - 'Enter' trigger action is not displayed for Date Time Picker and Date Time
  • DT-014295 T-012588 Number Spinner Not Updating
  • DT-014126 Data Repeater CheckBox - It is not auto-refreshed when 'Is Checked' property is changed unless editing the form again
  • DT-014264 Add Form Rules Dialog - 'Enter' trigger action is not displayed for Date Time Picker and Date Time
  • DT-014266 T-012526 Datarepeater - Date field is not getting updated consistently when date is changed
  • DT-014048 T-012395 Label Font & Form Default Font
  • DT-013996 Scroll Panel - No outcome scenarios validation, even if button available on form
  • DT-012416 File Download - Portal gets hang after uploading the large file as static input and saving it
  • DT-013781 Hide Title Bar on Form Displaces Form Footer Colors
  • DT-014123 Date Time Picker - Gives an error in a console on forms loads in a mobile portal
  • DT-014124 Data Picker - Data flow not working in mobile portal give error in console
  • DT-014103 T-012436 Datagrid first row getting selected even if the option is turned off
  • DT-013928 Multi File Download - Validation is displayed for data name even after selecting checkbox of static input
  • DT-013818 Multiple File Download Zip File Name Required
  • DT-014093 T-012424 Unable to Update Boolean Field on Data Grid
  • DT-013969 User Defined Form - Run Data Flow and Run Validation trigger type applied on any control does not work
  • DT-014044 T-012379 Datagrid Refresh with Event Buttons ( And Locations )
  • DT-014046 Subdialog Link - Run validation and run dataflow trigger type does not work
  • DT-014045 An error occured on form designer, if we navigate on form controls visible on 'Explorer' tab using keyboard up-down arrow keys
  • DT-014040 Timer Form Exit - Given CSS is not applied
  • DT-013990 SubDialogImage Button - Unable to update image if it is picked from Image library
  • DT-014039 Form Visibility Rule - If two visibility rule created with same name but applied to two different controls then only one rule gets successfully executed
  • DT-013046 If Data Repeater data is populated by a Data Flow, visibility rules on repeater don't work
  • DT-013918 Date Time Picker - Calendar gets stuck when scrolling after making any changes


  • DT-014554 Specific Value Sorting on Report Gets Rid of RunFlowInlineField Link
  • DT-014543 T-012674 How to improve slow report filter performance
  • DT-009677 Report Viewer refresh is causing memory issue in IE
  • DT-014286 T-012603 DateTime input filter on report
  • DT-014145 Report Group Action Flow broken in HTML

Flow Designer

  • DT-014338 Navigating between lines too quickly gets the cursor in a weird state
  • DT-014034 Set PDF form field step - Clicking 'x' to remove uploaded PDF file from PDF File Example property throws an error
  • DT-014478 If a flow step is not a current step assignment should not be running its auto completion flows
  • DT-014477 wait for external step not picking up data when it is in a subflow
  • DT-014471 fix to make non catchable exception work as expected
  • DT-014447 updated handling of steps that store flow data... but are not steps that are marked as keeping data
  • DT-014410 Problems with Runtime Selection on Subflows
  • DT-014472 For Each 'skip null items' skips every second item
  • DT-014417 when a flow is copied, copy owned flows (private)
  • DT-014261 do not create debug context unless we need to
  • DT-013933 T-012303 Find First In Collection in FlowSet can't access flow data
  • DT-014075 Expose all Flow Data in Run Flows for List working backward

Auth and Login

  • DT-014667 T-012915 Must Change Password on Next Login not always working
  • DT-014631 OpenID module causes error at .NET Libraries step menu
  • DT-014535 DO NOT ALLOW reset password for AD users
  • DT-014236 T-012548 SSO_ReturnURL session data is ignored by default login

Other Bug Fixes

  • DT-014582 If ADMIN account has an entity extension then SHM cannot be started
  • DT-014247 Designer Start Page - Rule icon is disabled / as rule action was renamed
  • DT-014428 Portal Setting - OK and Cancel button are displayed under scroll bar.
  • T-012671 HL7 Module - Can't save hl7 unit test
  • DT-014502 MSCRM steps with missing entities prevent opening of flow
  • DT-014496 T-012750 Navigating between lines breaks when the cursor reaches the end of the lines
  • DT-014047, DT-014413, T-012691 Search for text with ' would not bring back any results
  • DT-013114 Change name of recognize barcode to recognize bar-QR codes
  • DT-014434 T-012703 Entity Actions with action names starting with 'Delete' are hidden from action context menu
  • DT-014418 T-012700 Message "Projects must be installed" when flow contains ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib step
  • DT-014411 Salesforce module - UpdateContact1 step should be named UpdateCase
  • DT-014152 Weird File causes problems
  • DT-014280 Data Return Ruleset with Interceptor Rules Enabled causes an error
  • DT-014154 Portal Settings - Adding any group on 'New User Default Groups' and saving throws an error and breaks the portal
  • DT-013496 When Flow behavior is set to "PageContentAwareFlowBehavior", it doesn't remain selected in the radio list
  • T-012507 Receiving Inbound SMS using Plivo
  • DT-013428 Tool Tip on Workflow Catalog Fixes
  • DT-014285 Module importInfo.txt throws error if less than 2 lines
  • DT-013980 System > Administration > Event Viewer --> Cannot Change Capture Time
  • DT-014128 Don't use google font CDN (Adding font MIME for older IIS)
  • DT-014232 HL7 message editor attribute not working correctly in HTML Designer
  • DT-014202 Recursive Data Types Cause problems opening the View Integration Details Page
  • DT-014079 Set Culture Dialog - Selected culture is not applied
  • DT-014171 T-012483 WCF Web Service Type causes crash
  • DT-014161 AD groups created over the agent not populating Groups aren't showing assignments
  • DT-011169 Select/Deselect All Checkbox on Recompile Datatypes screen does not show in HTML
  • DT-013023 Using a Key Trigger too fast does not register input in a text/number box, etc.
  • DT-013019 Data Types Suggestion List - Not refreshing when the type is entered fast or edited by entering a capital letter

Update 9

September 19, 2017 from 40350


Update 9 was heavily focused on Form Controls and Advanced Form Controls. There have been many fixes, so contact support if you are uncertain about a specific fix.

  • DT-012721 Define Azure Queues as designer folder objects, allowing them to be added to projects
  • DT-012723 Define Rabbit Queues as designer folder objects, allowing them to be added to projects
  • Improvements to Add/Edit Data via CSV for User Defined Types
  • DT-013806 New default mobile form template
  • DT-010992 Adding Gradient Colors to Color Picker
  • DT-013283 Add Scope to OAuth for Customer
  • DT-011709 T-011168 Allow output data from form when using Outcome Rules
  • DT-013230 New Flow Steps to get Flow Extensions with all related data automatically (If you use Process Folders in Workflow with Flow Extensions this is a very helpful new capability)
  • DT-013133 Highlight Existing Values when tabbing into Date/Number Field
  • DT-013137 Display a subdialog at startup
  • DT-012799 Mutli File Upload allow Label Text Change
  • DT-012928 Add REST & SOAP references to the Dependency Browser
  • DT-013087 HL7 FR Need Text Option to remove millis from dates.
  • DT-012533 Redesigned Workflow Catalog tool tips.
  • DT-013509 CSS Viewer now shows a preview of the CSS file selected


General Fixes

  • DT-013083 Top Bar Search bug with special characters
  • DT-012772 Folder Tree ScrollBar Improvement
  • DT-012709 Orphan Entities Page: An error is displayed when moving any entity from orphan entities report
  • DT-013042 Entering a second For Each Excel Or CSV Row step will start on the row where the first step ended
  • DT-012858 The X (delete) and the Plus (add) Icons on Step Paths Are Ambiguous When Lines are at 45 Degrees
  • DT-013097 Some AD Group Assignments are not workable by all in group
  • DT-009725 Using Specific Keywords in a Data Structure needs better validation
  • DT-013436 Allowed Impersonations screen UX issues
  • DT-013438 Add Schedule Job Calendar showing incorrect hours in some cases


  • DT-013331 Drill Down Report:- Getting error when applied filter on column if value is empty on it
  • DT-013216 T-012016 User Report Changes On A Page
  • DT-013405 Using the same report on multiple pages may carry filters from one page to the next
  • DT-013333 Matrix view shows no data to display message on refresh if column filter is applied on drill down report


Performance Enhancements
Tab Container and Grid Resize Performance

Forms: User Control Fixes

  • DT-012894 Improvements to multiple User Controls on the same form
  • DT-013499 Condition where error can happen around generated data structure on a user control
  • DT-012774 Data flow issues on data repeater and user defined control

Forms: Data Repeater Fixes

  • DT-013837 Getting an error when trying to delete a data repeater object
  • DT-013512 Defined type having array of defined type as a property now allowed
  • DT-013531 DataRepeater, Validation Rule, for Run on all Outcome issues
  • DT-012977 Delete date in datarepeater issue
  • DT-013329 Validation is not displayed for required control other than last added row

Forms: Sub Dialog

  • DT-013294 Changing the value of Initially visible source/Initially Enable source do not update the respective fields
  • DT-013506 The focus of the node does not go away even when navigating to other nodes on the sub dialog image button
  • DT-011664 Inputs to a Sub Dialog Flows not showing up as flow Inputs on Form Step when set to Form Input

Forms: Data Grid Fixes

  • DT-012870 Inline Edit Mode: Selected value is not displayed to map but displayed as output when debugging flow
  • DT-013076 Multiple Select: On form load action menu is shown even when no row is selected when show row action is true
  • DT-013071 Clicking on remove button removes all the newly added rows
  • DT-013069 On single select grid selected default item does not show the selected as highlighted
  • DT-013068 Single and Multiple Select Grid Type: Input is not shown for Select Default Items when it is kept true
  • DT-012870 Inline Edit Mode: Selected value is not displayed to map but displayed as output when debugging flow
  • DT-013076 Multiple Select: On form load action menu is shown even when no row is selected when show row action is true
  • DT-013071 Clicking on remove button removes all the new added row all together
  • DT-013069 On single select grid selected default item does not show the selected as highlighted
  • DT-013068 Single and Multiple Select Grid Type: Input is not shown for Select Default Items when it is kept true
  • DT-013065 Inline Edit: On newly added row tabbing out from the field throws an error
  • DT-012915 Remove button does not work on single and multiple select grid type when data was added via data flow
  • DT-013211 Multiple Select: An error is displayed in console when it is consuming values using event button
  • DT-013243 Unable to Setup Row Link: Text Merge
  • DT-013267 Add and Remove Button: Trigger does not work
  • DT-009873 Column Names Getting Reset
  • DT-013435 Changing from Pick Type to Defined Columns causing errors

Forms: Data Flows / Visibility Rules

  • DT-012864 Added rules are displayed when picking a flow
  • DT-013237 In add visibility, Validation, Data Flow rules form. 'Ok' button disappears if there is validation error on the form

Forms: Number Controls

  • DT-013516 Numeric Array Editor: An error is displayed when providing incorrect format input
  • DT-012440 Increase/Decrease using up/down arrow keys if increment value is in decimal format
  • DT-013241 Data Flow RunAtStartUp not working on Number Box with formatting
  • DT-013240, DT-013239 Validation improvements for Min Max settings
  • DT-013238 Getting error while entering greater than 10 digits in Number box of Output type 'OutputAsInt'
  • DT-013239 If enter greater than 20 number in Decimal digits it shows an error in the java script console in developer tools
  • DT-013328 OutputAsInt: When value is entered greater than maximum length 'NaN' is shown
  • DT-013047 Unchecking AutoPopulate not working as user expects
  • DT-013339 Go To Control Key trigger is not working on number box

Forms: Date Time Controls

  • DT-013261 Improved validation on time entry text area
  • DT-013263, DT-013233, DT-013437 Calendar visible after closing form
  • DT-013481 Date Picker: Vertical alignment in view properties not working
  • DT-013418, DT-013325, DT-013326 Suggestion tooltip is visible even after closing the form and fixes
  • DT-013406, DT-013403 12/24 Hour Fixes
  • DT-013400 User Culture Fixes
  • DT-013271 Valid Entry Enforcement Fixes
  • DT-013401 Datepicker not rendering correctly in rule step
  • DT-013500 Vertical alignment in view properties not working
  • DT-013278 Add a number of hours/week/month and hitting the tab key shows incorrect date time value

Forms: List Controls

  • DT-013517 Dropdown list dependent drop down list with data flow for clearing value, clears the value too slowly
  • DT-013077 Multi select drop down List: Case sensitive search does not work
  • DT-012859 Drop down selection not updating properly
  • DT-013398 T-012148 Vertical Checkbox Lists on Mobile
  • DT-013287 Drop down list control looks enabled even when 'Initially enabled' property false
  • DT-013288 List Box: Validation Rule is triggered on startup even when rule triggered is set to run on value changed
  • DT-013330 CheckboxList Output Only bug fix

Forms: Text Controls

  • DT-013103 Text Box & Rich Text Box: After unchecking static input in common properties. The Static value is still visible in the Text Box
  • DT-013057 Html display: inline embed option / URL errors
  • DT-013245 Password Text Box: Required field validation is not working it allow user to proceed even if password is empty
  • DT-013480 Masked Text Box: Currency: Unable to enter number more than one digit after decimal
  • DT-013497 HTML Display : Console error occurs when display mode is set to inline after entering URL
  • DT-013439 Masked Text Box: unable to edit or delete data in Text Box if special characters is typed, when value type is currency
  • DT-013440 Masked Text Box: culture issues around currency
  • DT-013340 Rich Text Box: Key triggers not working on rich Text Box
  • DT-013292 Masked Text Box: Validation not correct for invalid email when 'value type' is 'email'
  • DT-013293 Masked Text Box: Accepts empty phone number when required outcome scenarios is marked true
  • DT-013289 Auto Complete Search Text Box fix

Forms: Tab Container

  • DT-013504 Tab Container: When tab container is placed inside another Tab Container with parent Tab Container header placement as left, then the child Tab Container tabs are not visible
  • DT-013457 TabContainer, Error occurs on Previewing "Form" containing Tab Container

Forms: Other

  • DT-013269 Check Box: Key trigger is not working for checkbox control if trigger type is selected to 'RunValidation' or 'RunDataFlow'
  • DT-005800 Capture Image Panel: image aspect ratio
  • DT-013264 Image Button: No way of knowing whether focus is on image button or not
  • DT-013204 Video Control Does not Display Uploaded or URL Video
  • DT-013258 Password Text Box: Static Input not working correctly
  • DT-013442 Close Button: String editor for confirmation message is not shown when 'Needs Confirmation' is true
  • DT-013441 Close Button: Translation does not work when Translate Text is true
  • DT-013291 Checkbox: Getting error in console when checkbox value map from three state to two state checkbox using data flow
  • DT-013510 Open URL Link: No way of knowing whether focus is on open url link button or not
  • DT-013256 Open Url Image Button: An error occurs on open url image button url getting from data flow
  • DT-013260 Open Url Button: Link opens in new tab instead of new window while fetching url using data flow
  • DT-013265 Event Button has text cut off when run in HTML mode
  • DT-013503 Tag Editor: Cannot add tags after going through Actions-> Add-> SetUp-> Manage Tags
  • DT-013210 Slider: Slider Data: Validation is not displayed if value is less/more than min/max value
  • DT-013460 Form Validations: Pick Image Dialog: Image selected for Break level is displayed for Warning and Valid Image also when editing them
  • DT-013332 Form: Validation Rule: Validation border for other required controls get hidden when changing value of any control on which rule was applied
  • DT-013341 Form with data grid set to type: string errors when saved in HTML. Should have a validation error on value types
  • Module Specific Fixes and Changes
  • DT-013086 HL7 Replace text in segment in message removing some segments.
  • DT-012862 T-011557 T-011557 OKTA-Decisions Integration Improvements
  • DT-013251 Open ID does not work if endpoints and authority are on different host
  • DT-013508 SAML Module Sends Wrong Format for nameid-format:emailaddress

Update 8

July 10, 2017 from 39788


  • DT-012628 Prevent Agent Update by Settings to support diagnostics
  • DT-012639 Word Merge Step to allow for merging text in phrases more dynamically
  • DT-012649 T-011770 Exit from a Date field does not trigger a flow
  • DT-012572 T-011630 Adding ChartLegend to a Chart - FR
  • DT-010319 (FEATURE REQUEST) Tabbing out of field line Creates new line in Data Repeater
  • DT-011299 (FEATURE REQUEST) Add entire list to output of List Box Form Control


  • DT-011519 File Download: When clicked on download file link it opens in new tab.
  • DT-012654 Better Check for displaying Admin Credentials warning on Login Page
  • DT-012661 Non Designer Users should not be able to access StudioH
  • DT-012634 On Report Action menu is not displayed when selecting multiple rows
  • DT-012616 Group action dialog doesn't get dismissed if we change the page from breadcrumbs
  • DT-012523 Searchbox on checkbox list editor does not visible if list items are more than 30
  • DT-012505 Document Viewer Form Control Fixes
  • DT-012638 Data Repeater: Validation Rule It allows proceeding further even if validation rule breaks
  • DT-012385 Data Repeater/User Control Validation border is displayed again after providing correct values
  • DT-012652 Readonly on DataRepeater does not work on Load
  • DT-012647 T-011747 Exit from a NumberBox does not trigger a flow
  • DT-012613 Data Repeater - Read only flag does not work
  • DT-011968 T-011298 Eerror adding a user to a group
  • DT-012620 Mobile Form does not resize upon screen rotation
  • DT-012102 After debugging, an error is displayed in the console when clicked anywhere if the form has data grid
  • DT-011679 Custom LESS files overridden on upgrade
  • DT-012618 Data Repeater: Focus goes to the first row when adding new row using tab and running Data Flow which focuses on the newly added row
  • DT-012614 Data Repeater: Newly added row is not focused when adding it using 'Add Data' button or 'Auto Add New Row' property
  • DT-010799 T-010674 Browse Dependencies Browser shows deleted items
  • DT-009460 T-009870 Integrations URL with &Chrome=Off changes to &Chrome=null on page with master & child report.
  • DT-012575 Data Repeater: Data Flows do not execute when Run at Startup is selected
  • DT-012576 Data Repeater: Line does not get focused when clicked on surface unless focused on any control inside it
  • DT-010559 Key Triggers: Data Repeaters: Triggers does not get executed for Data Flow and Validation Rules when clicked specified short cut keys
  • DT-012566 Data Repeater: After removing all rows when adding new row using Event Button previously removed rows also displayed
  • DT-012554 Data flow specified on value changed is running even if value is not changed
  • DT-012462 Data Repeater: An error is displayed when performing any action on the form if data repeater form text box value mapped with an integer.
  • DT-012461 Data Repeater: Data repeater remove button stops working after adding item holder via Event button.
  • DT-012545 Unable to Download Server Resources from Repository
  • DT-012543 Checkbox List Editor does not refresh
  • DT-012426 For Enertia - "Show Row Link" in form data grid doesn't work in HTML
  • DT-012506 SFTP Algorithm Options follow on to 12505
  • DT-012460 Made rollback more reliable with better null checks.
  • DT-012378 Mapping editor arrows disappearing
  • DT-012430 ASP.NET 4.0 Showed up on install where this app pool not present

Update 7

July 26, 2017 from 39211


  • Full Text Searching Support and Search Performance (Read More: Advanced Portal Search)
  • Assignment forms improved for mobile
  • Add Custom Sort for Reports
  • OAuth SSO Authentication
  • New Activity Panel Options (default settings, mention emails)
  • 'Get Next Time By Schedule' Step Performance Improvement
  • Repository Server Optimizations
  • Improved Dependency Browser Featuring:
  • table/query/stored proc have relationships to type they create
  • actions on types and db definitions for dependency browser
  • made sub dialogs show up as dependencies
  • made dependency from database objects to data types
  • on import, update dependencies
  • added dependency browser to all designers
  • more...
  • Improved User Control/Data Repeater
  • Test Connection action for Databases
  • Ability to return specified data from any flow execution
  • AD Improvements
  • HL7 Message Encryption Global Setting
  • Decisions 4.0 Designer Studio Performance
  • Rabbit MQ module now launches threads on an as-needed basis.
  • New HubSpot Integration Module

Feature Details

  • DT-012158 New MS Azure Identity Management Steps
  • DT-010311 Add sort options for specified on string columns
  • DT-012299 Add option on number box whether to format or not to format the whole number.
  • DT-012209 T-011385 Handle FHIR Json which uses fields named "system" and "date"
  • DT-012254 AD steps to get users in a group or distribution group
  • DT-012191 New Output Values step to add data results to async flows (Read More: Set Output Vars)
  • DT-010863 OAuth SSO Option for Portal
  • DT-008992 Partner Feature: Need ability to hide top menu options in designer dialogs
  • DT-011444 DT-012092 Add search feature to Checkbox List
  • DT-010372 Add Ability to Pass in Role as a runtime value for a Task
  • DT-010375 T-010431 Support Copying Flows that have Rule and Flow Filters and Sort Steps
  • DT-011959 Add a Running Indicator on Flow Debugger
  • DT-011978 Feature to let you run pick Form CSS at runtime
  • DT-011946 HL7 New Flow Step to set MSH Version
  • DT-011946 HL7 New Flow Step to get ER7 by Version
  • DT-011667 Ability to get Current Location from mobile device on Decisions form
  • DT-011348 Repository: Add Designer Setting to enable/disable automatic addition of entities to their parent folder's project
  • DT-004504 Dynamic Modules in cluster need to auto distribute to cluster nodes
  • DT-011571 Ability to call 'View Completed' form view from service call
  • DT-010614 Between Verbiage in Rules support for decimals
  • DT-010264 Add multi select zip option to multi file download control
  • T-010911 New Steps for Automatically managing multi tenant options in an automated fashion

Fix Details

  • T-011451 Better error message in SMS step
  • DT-012253 T-011415 'Cast Object to Type' problems
  • DT-011943 Form component : Data name - Traversing through ‘Left arrow’ key brings the cursor to the end
  • DT-011619 SAML SSO sends Unexpected Issuer
  • DT-011615 OAuth Tokens on Steps do not save in HTML
  • DT-011533 Some Report Data Fields Duplicated
  • DT-012076 Language Translation: Added String is not displayed on Master Translation List
  • DT-011190 Language Translation: Selected language does not get applied unless restarting SHM
  • DT-012292 Using custom format and keeping show number group separator as false shows space separator between numbers.
  • DT-012313 "Leaving Portal Confirmation" setting no longer works
  • DT-012297 On clean installation unable to import 'SelectionTest' folder.
  • DT-012055 Validation border color does not render properly on form containers
  • DT-010657 List of Data Flows is no longer alphabetized/ add alphabetized sorting / refactoring LinkArrayEditor
  • DT-012180 Importing ExternalServiceReference with WSDL that doesn't resolve throws error on import
  • DT-012282 REST service losing data.
  • DT-010401 Can Edit Respected on Run Rule steps in flow? / on EntityPickerEditor hide if no CanEdit permission for the picked entity
  • DT-011958 Repo/Import service not handling importing of Generated Data Types for Reports
  • DT-012077 Reports- SOAP Request Not Returning Data
  • DT-011618 Report: Blank page is displayed when clicked on the Rich Text/Text List after switching from a chart(Rich Text/Text List -> chart -> Rich Text/Text List).
  • DT-011943 Form component : Data name - Traversing through ‘Left arrow’ key brings the cursor at the end of the string.
  • DT-012136 System -> administration -> Default notifications : Unable to click on 'Add new' link on notification to type.
  • DT-011938 Page Designer: Report Viewer: Error is displayed after deleting selected report and trying to pick another.
  • DT-011661 Explicit Filters on Dashboard Doesn't Filter Report With Date/Time
  • DT-012196 By default value of "Case Sensitive Search" property on combo box should be false.
  • DT-011886 Page Designer: Error is displayed when placing one control on other after dragging them.
  • DT-010127 Run report : Clicking on 'Filter' icon does not open a text field to search data.
  • DT-012167 T-011382 Named Session Not Working
  • DT-011869 Process Folders and Configuration Folders opening in new tab
  • DT-011856 Dropdown List not removing after Exit from DDL
  • DT-011943 Form component : Data name - Traversing through ‘Left arrow’ key brings the cursor at the end of the string.
  • DT-008504 Folder Entity With Service - 'View WSDL' action does not redirect to portal base url.
  • DT-011958 Repo/Import service forcing users to resolve generated report datatypes during import
  • DT-011808 Integration Details Page not showing report filter representation in POST body
  • DT-011365 T-010958 Report Integration Details throwing a 500 error
  • DT-011807 Selecting Current User Auth on Integration Details hides URL params for Reports
  • DT-012029 View Integration Page does not show Errors
  • DT-011802 View Integrations Page for Report Showing incorrect Data for Service URL
  • DT-012034 Error getting XML Integration Details for Account (Complex Object)
  • DT-011921 Users should not be able to create autorun dataflows with interval of 00 seconds
  • DT-011862 T-011253 Combobox issue
  • DT-011952 Bold Text not being applied top Checkbox Text
  • DT-011956 Page: Controls are still enabled when the check box of 'Initially Enabled' is unchecked
  • DT-011887 Page Designer: Actions Bar: 'Action Info Not Found' dialog is displayed when clicked on them
  • DT-011909 Changing Background Color on a Subflow Step Causes Shape and Size to Change
  • DT-012045 Missing flow on subflow step cause flow edit problem
  • DT-011664 Inputs to SubDialogue Flows not showing up as flow Inputs on Form Step when set to Form Input
  • DT-011139 DT-011069 Wait on External System keeps running even after debugger session is ended
  • DT-010816 Debugger not showing correct Flow Path for 'Catch Outcome' Step
  • DT-012006 Importing Folders exported before ImportOrder Implemented have incorrect Full Path
  • DT-011955 Form Controls - Layout controls does not get enabled from the rule.
  • HL7 module. Problem with Find Segments Step not processing groups.
  • DT-011957 Report:- Sorting icon get disabled from report columns if grid type changes from expanded to compact
  • DT-011677 Form Designer: Grid: An error is displayed after dragging any control on it after removing all columns.
  • DT-011882 T-011254 Exception when calling Rest Service with null arguments in URL
  • DT-011939 RVSP:- In MVC Duplicates menu get opened after click on default row actions
  • DT-011903 For 12-hour format, time is not formatted correctly in date Time Editor.
  • DT-011779 Folder Order Not Respected - Manage > Set Order
  • DT-011607 Page Controls - Previously created page with page controls with behavior as disabled is enabled now.
  • DT-010792 Form: Horizontal Stack: Controls get dragged outside the stack if outline of the control is outside while dragging it
  • DT-011776 T-011186 Repeater Control Add and Remove Item does not trigger data flows to refresh
  • DT-011767 Using "Regenerate" Action on WCF Service Breaks Compile
  • DT-010947 Page Designer: An error is displayed on dragging any control when all cell of the grid are filled.
  • DT-011719 Account Impersonation - An error is displayed when clicked on Account Impersonation action after deleting added impersonate account.
  • DT-011733 Tabbing to action buttons on system forms
  • DT-010583 UnitTestName in the results objects are always null fix was checked into trunk only 5/16
  • DT-011767 Using "Regenerate" Action on WCF Service Breaks Compile
  • DT-011775 T-011159 Data Repeater: disabled fields get enabled when data flow triggers it
  • DT-012359 T-011538 Data Repeater Error with checkbox
  • DT-010944 Data Repeater: An Error is displayed when running flow having drop down list
  • DT-010878 Report Designer: Data Fields: The previous Field not gets deleted after deleting a field if they are of the same type.
  • DT-011719 Account Impersonation - An error is displayed when clicked on Account Impersonation action after deleting added impersonate account.
  • DT-011739 Filter actions/categories not applied to calendar view
  • DT-011785 Notification email for assigned task have invalid link if folder name contains ' ' in it.
  • DT-010675 Size and Tab pop up gets closed even when the validation remains on it.
  • DT-010138 T-011492 Repository Issue: Modified By column blank and Modified Date incorrect in Checkin dialog
  • DT-011848 Database Integration Folders not being created until types are created causing Repository Checkout Issues
  • DT-010138 T-010269 Repository - Commit Modified by User for Deletes
  • DT-011655 T-010927 User Control sub dialog flow does not return data to control
  • DT-011592 JSON: User Json File: An Error is displayed when selecting invalid JSON file
  • DT-011572 Value List on Debugger Convert to Object and Not selected Value
  • DT-011653 Notification box is not closing on clicking outside if folder is opened in new window
  • DT-011092 Form: Drop Down List: After searching any value when clicked on drop down arrow multiple dialogs get open
  • DT-012160 HL7 - create data w/ HL7 message type, version settings do not work

Update 6

June 6, 2017 from 38483


  • DT-011259 New USPS Module for Address Cleaning
  • DT-010267 Need ability to delegate tasks without impersonation
  • DT-011524 Add cookie test to health check page
  • DT-010263 Read Only flag for user controls
  • DT-011277 T-010931 Feature Request: OAuth Access-Token request "resource" support
  • DT-011519 File Download: When clicked on download file link it opens in new tab.
  • DT-011342 Update MSCRM support


  • DT-011519 File Download: When clicked on download file link it opens in new tab.
  • DT-011318 Data Flow not updating all rows on Data Repeater
  • DT-011527 Form Control Dropdown List with Flow as List Input Source and Flow Input data as Typed Text does not populate data.
  • DT-011235 Drop Down List An error is displayed when selecting a value from the list if it has '<' character in it.
  • DT-011579 OAuth token feature does not URL-encode some parameters
  • DT-011569 Folder Data State is misplaced on process view page header.
  • DT-009886 Process View: Timeline: Comment does not get added in current state
  • DT-011527 Form Control Dropdown List with Flow as List Input Source and Flow Input data as Typed Text does not populate data.
  • DT-011545 T-010959 Settings error when completing a form from its url.
  • DT-011538 View Completed action missing on Completed Assignments
  • DT-011377 T-011017 Tab Container View Properties Defect
  • DT-011213 Data Repeater Tab Defect
  • DT-011440 Report Searching value on RTE Filter and clicking on reset icon on matrix view and navigating to blurb view shows an error message.
  • DT-010556 HTML Display: Property Grid: Static HTML: Improper validation border is displayed
  • DT-011478 T-010937 Form issues
  • DT-010637 T-010574 Enabled/Disabled appearance of buttons
  • DT-011216 Data Repeater Removing Rows with Data Flows Defect
  • DT-011435 Report RTE Filter Reset icon does not get enabled on Blurb and LayoutBased view when providing value on RTE filter box.
  • DT-011442 Copy Designer Folder: Created Datatypes/Table/Query are not copied
  • DT-011367 Data Grid InfoOnly and SingleSelect Action description panel is not shown when preview display mode is Inline or ToolTip.
  • DT-011381 Report Designer: Charts: Blank screen is displayed after adding it instead of a graph.
  • DT-011352 T-011004 Text Merge trims spacing when it shouldn't
  • DT-010396 Form backgrounds should not allow regular buttons or input controls / filter favorites by element type not strict
  • T-010785 Rabbit MQ Queues Dropping Messages
  • DT-009865 Form: Compact Tag: Unable to remove the tag if scrollbar is present
  • DT-011385 Browser Spell Check should be turned off on Drop Down on user defined dialog.
  • DT-011382 Form: Image displayed after running data flow gets resized if the size of form is resized
  • DT-011166 T-010880 search with filters seems to be ignoring the filters
  • DT-011366 Email Event Port Changes Back to 143
  • DT-011063 Report Designer: Layout Based View: List does not get dismissed when clicked 2nd time on the drop down icon.
  • DT-011358 Edit Data Flows Dialog: Auto Run: Warning message is not displayed when it is set to Zero
  • DT-011334 User Control: An error is displayed when clicked on button after executing data flow
  • DT-011348 Check folder type and folder behavior type for exportable when auto tagging to project on entity add to folder
  • DT-010706 T-010635 Issue with Extension Data Structure
  • DT-010991 Form Control Silver Compact Tag: Validation does not disappear even after selecting the tag value for the silver compact tag which has required outcome scenarios set.
  • DT-011270 T-010936 Coping a Truth Table creates two copies.
  • DT-010842 Report Designer: Matrix View: Unable to add more dimension on exceeding 6 dimensions as view gets hide.
  • DT-011082 Replace Bookmark Issue
  • DT-011297 double click action from activity panel and get two form sessions bad layout
  • DT-011294 T-010946 Differences in User Portal vs Studio
  • DT-011095 Page Designer: Actions: Portal: Core Actions: Nothing happens when control are dragged on root container.
  • DT-011239 Report Designer: Data View: Edit Column Dialog: After editing any column when clicked on Cancel button changes are reflected
  • DT-011071 Need to hide Behavior type Selection from Form Designer
  • DT-011167 T-010795 AWS servers login to Designer Studio issues
  • DT-011180 T-010886 4.0 List to CSV Output Header Row options missing
  • DT-010806 Report Designer: Data source: An error is displaying when clicked on Table Information
  • DT-011284 Form Control: After dragging Drop Down List SHM gets restart.
  • DT-011207 Assigned Forms: Data Flow: AutoRun and Run At Startup is set to True: Only spinner is displayed when clicked on button and an error is displayed after some time
  • DT-011214 Data Flow: AutoRun is set to True: An error is displayed when clicked on button
  • DT-011291 Manage Tags Action Applied tag does not remove completely after removing it from all entities using manage tags action.
  • DT-011219 HL7 Feature Request Additional data w/ HL7 message to interface
  • DT-010963 Custom 3.5.1 rules behave different in 4.0
  • DT-011011 Form Control Dropdown List with Flow as List Source
  • DT-011219 HL7 Feature Request Additional data w/ HL7 message to interface
  • DT-010128 Database Integration Dialog: All values of searched list are highlighted and unable to understand focus is on which row when clicked on down arrow without searching any value
  • DT-011218 Form Designer Data Grid Removing fields from columns node/Link Array Editor shows 'Index was outside the bounds of the array' message.
  • DT-011238 Form Controls List Controls Taking '%' character on static input list item shows validation and error on console.
  • DT-011176 Branch dropdown not populating on CheckoutForm
  • DT-011241 Report Viewer Providing input on the report header search box and clicking on the cross icon without focusing out, executes the search.
  • DT-011147 DT-011127 Add 'Left' and 'Top' properties to Form Controls
  • DT-011148 DT-011117 Form: Tab Container: An Error is displayed when removing all tabs
  • DT-010557 Data Flow : Data definition pop up Default Inputs ‘Add value’ or ‘Edit value’ pop ups are blank on selecting ‘Boolean’ type.
  • DT-011237 UI Issue Last row on report viewer gets partially cuts down when subtotals are taken.
  • DT-010447 Create data step : On ‘Data definition’ pop up clicking on ‘Is list’ check box showing ‘Mapping type’ and ‘Value’ field twice.
  • DT-011234 T-010884 Error Setting Active Directory Parameters
  • T-010917 Split string on newline has unintended behaviour
  • DT-011228 SAML SLO (Single Logout) does not work with Okta
  • DT-011158 Manage Tags Action Selected tag does not apply to all selected entities through manage tags action.
  • DT-005677 Report After resetting report, edit dialog is not displayed when clicked on the edit.
  • DT-009420 Report Designer Layout view image column picker does not allow user to exit selection
  • DT-010109 Page: Flow Run Part: After previewing page overlay is displayed
  • DT-010627 Checkbox List Selected Items from Data Flow
  • DT-011185 T-010905 Datagrid doesn't update if the bound data value is null
  • DT-011091 File Data: An Error is displayed in console when adding multiple files for Constant mapping type at a time
  • T-010869 Killing off running flows
  • Internal Agent not installing on windows 10.
  • DT-007808 "Import Wizard Excluding item from import removes resolution settings for other items." from trunk.
  • DT-011168 Blob Storage Steps for Azure Blob Storage Service
  • DT-010685 RVSP Calendar filter Selecting any date on calendar filter, its previous date gets selected.
  • DT-010580 T-010553 html display part left justified text displaying as centered
  • DT-008963 Not able to view Report from newly created Report Folder>Workflow Catalog once created.
  • DT-011140 DT-011114 Size and Tab Dialog: Improper alignment of the components in it
  • DT-010715 T-010628 Tile Part which runs flow to display data in the tile does not refresh on folder changed event
  • DT-011141 DT-011040 Converter flow for String to Decimal
  • DT-011032 Auto-add entity to parent folder's project. Update to filter out Account Permissions entities when moving folders.
  • DT-011113 Editing/Remapping Not Working After A Save
  • DT-010598 Sub Action menu of selected entity is displayed when creating any user DT-009005 Texts Boxes Do Not Appear When Placed On Curved Panel That Is Nested Inside
  • DT-011034 3.5.1 Update 14 Curve Panel Issues
  • DT-010879 Workflow Catalog: Text entered in description moves to next line when switching between browser tabs.
  • DT-010671 Tab container : Consume Data ReturnValue edit popup is blank.

Update 5

June 6, 2017 from 38033


  • Add new diagnostic "Tracing Feature" to running flows report
  • DT-010973 Sub Dialogs on Data Repeaters - T-010672
  • DT-010972 Event Buttons on Data Repeaters - T-010672
  • DT-010967 New Step Import Excel or CSV by Column Name
  • Messaging System changes let you get messages as byte or as a string now
  • DT-010683 Performance Improvements on Backend and Form Designer
  • DT-010911 Add 'Get Blob from Azure Storage' step to Azure Service Bus module
  • Added delete key, ctrl-c, ctrl-v to the Flow Designer
  • DT-006870 New Image Gallery control for viewing multiple documents
  • New step run stats dashboard in flow management tools.
  • DT-010316, T-010413 New Excel Step Request from customer: Get Worksheet Name From Index
  • DT-010018 Added a new Production Server flag that prevents dynamic Locals module assembly loading
  • DT-010548 "All Entities Datasource" list needs to be alphabetized
  • Added read only properties for category and toolbox name to help steps easier to find after being added to a flow
  • Allow Linked Flow Step to setup multiple threads
  • DT-010742 FR Remove 'Edit Report' Icon option for Admin/Designer Users
  • DT-010744 Report:- No option to hide 'Gear' icon on report


  • DT-010560, T-010454 HTML portal: Date translates though TimeZone translation is turned off.
  • DT-010975 Using Data Flows in User Control Throws Error
  • DT-010529 Report: Runtime Editable Filter: Data Time Picker: Date time calendar dialog gets cut off
  • DT-010982 Database Integration Dialog: Unnecessary scrollbar is displayed
  • DT-010836 Rule Designer: Rule Builder: An error is displayed when expanding a node
  • DT-010948 T-010753 CSV to List Mapping Step Issue
  • DT-010989 HL7 Viewer Problem in HTML
  • DT-010803 'Show Form' Step not showing outcome paths (when one picks a form)
  • DT-010991 Form Control - Silver Compact Tag: Validation does not disappear even after selecting the tag value for the silver compact tag which has required outcome scenarios set.
  • DT-010988 Form Control - Link List: Form is not submitted when link list item used as the output to complete the flow.
  • DT-010547 When adding data source to report, data source disapears from report if user is only in Designers Group
  • DT-010737 Silverlight Forms: Unable to enter values in controls if they are created from HTML
  • DT-010726 Chart is not rendered completely and its icon is also not displayed if default view is set to Charts and removing data view
  • DT-010244 Report Filter - Report data does not visible when 'Created On Date Less Than' filter is used.
  • DT-010522 Report: Runtime Editable Filters for Date: An error is displayed when removing date
  • DT-010946 Integration Details: Credentials as Login Fix
  • DT-010697 Triggering Data Flow by Data Grid Value Change
  • DT-010552 Inputs often disappear when using the input mapping editor
  • DT-010869 Form on Page shrinks to designer size and ignores LAYOUTS on refresh
  • DT-010596 Form Control - Data Grid - Columns Information - Field Information does not get updated after modifying the data structure.
  • DT-010913 Background and border color are not shown on form controls when applied via validation settings from control/form level.
  • DT-010845 Form Designer UI controls with validation not set to property do not show up anywhere
  • Upgraded and Imported Flow Line Connection Improvements
  • DT-010838 Rest API: Credentials as Login: Object reference error is displayed running the generated URL
  • DT-009893 File Download Cannot Get Data From Data Flow
  • DT-010034 Data Grid Auto Select Defect
  • DT-010697 Triggering Data Flow by Data Grid Value Change
  • DT-010876 Report Designer - Layout Based View - Clicking on Column's drop down button does not display the list to add data or image.
  • DT-010867 From Control Errors on Data Repeaters
  • DT-010702 Masked text box started at really big size when drag it in designer.
  • DT-010756 Scroll Panel Error
  • DT-010821 Number Box on Form not working well if custom format used and NO separator selected
  • DT-010653 T-010578 ISG - Get Dynamic Row from JSON shows no value in debugger
  • DT-010241 Step Selection layer does not dismiss when click on delete action
  • T-010421 4.0 upgrade Errors - JavaScript errors (Development Actions on)
  • DT-010761 Outcomes cannot be found if outcome name on form is '...'
  • DT-010877 Tiles Part: Tile CSS Class is not applied
  • DT-010200 Data Grid not populating data from Sub Dialog Output
  • DT-010768 Can't submit back to datagrid from subdialogue in HTML
  • DT-010870 Add data structure status report to event viewer
  • DT-010727 Form Control - On inserting '+' symbol in the text box of the first form does not display on the next form's textbox control when it is mapped
  • T-010554 Error when changing rule operator type with not / Do not remove the parent for enumerator child
  • DT-010819 Drop Down Controls Using FORM INPUT do not expose their inputs to flow
  • DT-009696 Annotation: Arrow color is not getting applied to the arrow
  • DT-010820 Run all Rules At Startup: checkbox does not appear for this property
  • DT-010021 Controls added under scroll panel container does not visible on editing page which was created using Silverlight.
  • DT-010459 T-010448 4.0 Drop-down button does not work in HTML
  • DT-010569 Data Repeater Not Showing Data Flow Output
  • DT-010541 Spontaneous way points appearing in flow designer
  • DT-008318 T-008829 AD Sync Differences
  • DT-010695 Merge to Plain String T-010610 Truth table issue
  • DT-010679 Page control properties: An error occurs on selection of ‘Behavior Type’.
  • DT-010668 T-010572 Image on Canvas Resizing Bug
  • DT-010721 View Integration Details link for External Forms not showing in HTML flow designer
  • DT-010753 STOP running tile flows on page designer
  • DT-010475 Rule Sets Always try to exit All True path
  • DT-010746 T-010601 Existing CSS style documents cannot be updated in IE
  • DT-009932 Mapping Editor: Unable to change mapping type after opening any sub-dialog like Merge editor
  • Fixed:- DT-010728 Report:- scroll buttons appears on report header if user don't have a edit permission
  • DT-010704 Page Control - Folder Viewer with no default report shows error on the report viewer part.
  • DT-010669 Language: Duplicate rows are displayed for new language added for deleting any language if translation is set for any row
  • DT-009905 Data Type Designer first click on IsList of not selected row is not actually changing it
  • DT-010682, DT-010680, DT-010026, DT-009900, DT-009931 Tab Container Fixes
  • DT-010390 Don't allow deleting of built in groups
  • DT-010701 T-010632 CSV to Object header stripping error
  • T-010623 Edit Flow Outputs error displaying output as string
  • DT-010621 Report - Unable to download a report from the drill in report dialog
  • DT-010546 Error trying to configure Horizontal Timeline control
  • DT-010239 When tabbing on property grid focus gets lost.
  • DT-010544, DT-010602 Fixes to order and dragging in Horizontal and Vertical Stack
  • DT-010398 Can't drag images onto form
  • DT-010549 Error is thrown when line break is present in Advanced Grid Layout

Update 4

May 16, 2017 from 37619


  • Powershell Script Step Improvements (More paths, and clearer data out of scripts.)


  • DT-010442 Protect against people creating DB structures with names that already exist in Decisions
  • DT-010521 Report Designer: Data view: Grouping is not displayed when editing the report
  • DT-010518 In Line Flow Column in a Report used as the group can make report non editable
  • DT-010454 HL7 Module - Segment type gets cached
  • DT-010429 Report Viewer set to Charts WITHOUT data do not render the chart
  • DT-010604 Silverlight Editor cannot be used to edit a form
  • DT-010458 RunOnValueChanged does not work for Repeater Controls
  • DT-007765 Report Designer: Calculated Columns: Duplicate Edit/Delete dialog is opened when any column is edited or deleted using Menu
  • DT-010127 Run report : Clicking on 'Filter' icon does not open a text field to search data.
  • DT-010595 T-010552 Edit JSON Data Structure View
  • DT-010292 Report Viewer Not Being Passed Filter Values Through Integration URL
  • DT-010431 Changing selection on data grid causes a value changed event
  • T-010417 Oracle Driver Issues in 4.0 Releases - Updating Oracle Please Note: Bulk Inserts are not currently supported in Oracle
  • DT-010030 User Defined Types - Folder Extension: Folder tree does not auto update after adding user defined folder extension type.
  • DT-010464 T-010332 Leaving an in-session form of an entity action open a long time allows user to submit the form multiple times

Update 3

May 11, 2017 from 37533


  • DT-010322 T-010416 Feature Request for ability to send dynamically generated URL into an HTML Part on a tile
  • DT-009216 Adding Hot Keys as triggers for Event buttons
  • DT-010320 T-010188 Feature Request for Excel step to Get Worksheet Count
  • DT-010369 Show email address in the report for failed login attempts
  • DT-010211 Additional information in Dynamic Complied Code Bucket Report


  • DT-010429 Page Report Viewer set to Charts WITHOUT data do not render the chart
  • DT-010291 Merge text editor tabbing fix
  • DT-009161 ?Page Report Viewer - Grid View - No data to display message overlaps with report data when searching invalid data
  • DT-007668 Report Viewer data view: Item's default action does not trigger when in multi select mode
  • DT-010356 Rule sets do not output data unless transform flows. or interceptor rules are turned on
  • DT-010437 Mobile Form not rendering correctly in 4.0
  • DT-009722 Date Picker Not Updating Calendar Object
  • DT-010427 Default row action on Page Report Viewer should not work if first column actions are on
  • DT-009912 Tabbing from a date picker to another box jumps the cursor back to the date picker immediately after moving to next box in the HTML studio
  • DT-010295 T-010337 Email Event - email_data does not recognize attachments
  • DT-010400 Edit Flow Link on Sub flow steps must respect permissions
  • DT-010383 Designer Repository: Blank dialog is displayed after checking out a project
  • DT-009617 Report Viewer: Filters: Show Picker sets back to default when changing it for the first time
  • DT-010253 From: Data Grid: It is not displayed as Triggers on Add Data Flow Dialog
  • T-010381 Dependent Report not updating if in Chart only mode
  • DT-010377 T-010420 Dependent report refreshing too quickly
  • DT-010013 Creating any entity on a designer folder from Tiles page auto-navigates to the default page of the folder
  • DT-010114 Reports with filters using Get Values from Other Report do not show any Data
  • DT-009890 Data Repeater resizes after adding a new row using Add button
  • DT-010333 Form control - Drop down list: Data flow does not work when it is taken as 'List Input Source'
  • DT-010204 Forgot Password? - Reset Utility on Login Page Failing
  • DT-010010 In Studio the Portal gets refreshed completely after performing any action and applied filters also get lost
  • internal Dynamic Code Compile engine hitting errors due to multiple attempts to compile running simultaneously
  • DT-010278 Okta Module Fixes: sync new user flow does not return ID, DT-010254 Add missing flows to Okta module, DT-010312 AssertionConsumer.ashx not found where expected
  • DT-010051 Cannot input negative numbers
  • DT-010100 Number box: Does not obey the limit of minimum and maximum value set for the number box control
  • DT-010194 Issues with file upload control on Update 2
  • DT-010266 Action to stop impersonating the user not available
  • DT-010245 Invalid CRLF error occurs in external REST service component within a workflow. (T-010396 Invalid CRLF error in external REST service component within a workflow)
  • DT-010019 User Defined Types: Entity: An Error is displayed after creating it if selecting type for searched list using tab and focusing out using mouse
  • DT-008733 Data Type Modifications combo type picker integrated to DS editor
  • DT-008733 Data Type Modifications select text on combo-picker input focus, add new row on name's blur
  • DT-009163 Data Structure tabbing is not working correctly
  • DT-009181 Data Structure Editor - Spelling mistake of Create Value List on type tree holder menu
  • DT-009183 Data Structure Editor - Value List - Data member properties are displayed for value list when the focus is on enum value list container

Update 2

May 1, 2017 from 37333


  • Updated Authorize.NET module
  • New Excel Step Requested to Get Worksheet Index and Name
  • New Okta Module allows single sign on and account / group sync from Okta
  • DT-009906 Hanover Outcome Rule issue
  • DT-010162 Increased Account Audit Data (Password Attempts in Audit)
  • DT-009994 Timeline: Added comments are displayed as HTML
  • DT-009867 Data Flows and Visibility Rules added to Data Repeater User Controls
  • DT-009835 Adding Selected Row variable to Data Repeater
  • Update the HL7 Database 2.8 from to update our object model
  • Improvements to the Flow Debugger


  • DT-010048 CurrentAssignments is not Updated
  • DT-010193 Example Tirade File Upload Page Unresponsive
  • DT-010051 Cannot input negative numbers
  • DT-010100 Form control - Number box: Does not obey the limit of minimum and maximum value set for the number box control
  • DT-010172 Tool box overlapping property editor
  • Repository Checkin made faster on small updates
  • DT-010163 Hide property to Turn off Default View complete
  • DT-010161 Parent Form Data Flows Breaking Data Repeaters
  • DT-008769 T-009574 Impersonation not working in 4.0
  • Fix to tolerant mode for parser with invalid dates passed in on HL7 message
  • DT-010107 Responding to Assignment by Email

Update 1

April 20, 2017 from 37129


  • Production Flag to stop local module from being loaded in production
  • DT-009959 FolderTimeline collaborate by using '@' added
  • DT-009925 Make a reassign all tasks action for quickly fixing bad assignments
  • Performance Optimizations for Reports on Pages


  • internal Speed improvements for ORM relationships
  • Remove Javascript HTML editing control that was flagged as malware by some AV definitions
  • DT-009913 "Show Service Settings" in installer not working correctly
  • Amazon Kinesis DLL added to Module
  • DT-009739 T-010092 Problem with Pages rendering in some circumstances
  • DT-009934 Unexpected "User does not have permission to access this folder" blocking user access to permitted folders
  • DT-009881 Data Repeater Control fixes
  • DT-009834 Unable to type Period/Decimal in Number Boxes on Data Repeater
  • Internal Set Default Culture to Empty (Invariant)
  • AUTO ARCHIVE CHANGES - Scheduled Job Log
  • internal do not allow batch flows to have tasks and save points
  • DT-009901 Getting error on Mobile portal while running flow with RichTextBox from Service Catalog

Known Issues

  • Deep copy copies extension folders even if types not copied
  • Interceptor rules do not automatically run on rule change
  • Multiple Browser Tabs might cause new rule/flow to show up in wrong tab
  • Data Mapping names sometimes require refresh

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