Understanding Decisions Cookies
  • 21 Aug 2023
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Understanding Decisions Cookies

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Decisions use cookies to store important information about the individual user's details and preferences. The following are the cookies we use in v8 with the details of how they are used.

List of Cookies used by Decisions

Cookies used by Decisions in v7 and v6:

To learn more about the cookies utilized by Decisions in versions 7 and 6, refer to the documentation for Version 7 and  Version 6, respectively.

Cookie NamePurpose
ForceStudioUsed to identify if the user is in the Designer Studio or User Portal
ContextDisplayTypeUsed to identify the user's browser type (Desktop, Mobile, etc.)
DecisionsSessionIDSession ID is used to identify the user's session on the browser
Decisions.AuthEncrypted Authentication Key used to validate the user
Decisions.AFKeyAnti Forgery Public Key to encrypt the communication

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