Merge String List by Line step
  • 03 Jun 2022
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Merge String List by Line step

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The Merge String List by Line step combines two String Lists. Each item in one list is merged with an item in the second list at the same position and is separated by a specified separator character. The step can be found under the Data > Text category in the step toolbox.


PropertyDescriptionData Type


List OneFirst list of Strings to be merged.List of String

List TwoSecond list of Strings to be merged.List of String

SeparatorSpecifies the separator character.String


OutputsCombined list of stringsList of String


  1. Create a new Flow.
  2. In the step toolbox, expand Data > Text category
  3.  Add the Merge String Lists by Line step into the workspace.
  4. Define the inputs for the two lists. This example uses two Constant lists.
  5. Define the separator value 
  6. Debug and run the Flow. The output will display the list values combined into a single list.

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