Localization Overview
  • 04 May 2022
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Localization Overview

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Administrators may localize their instances to ensure accurate communication across a variety of user and end-user backgrounds.

By incorporating inclusivity into the environment, correct localization prevents miscommunications that may increase development times and user frustration.

For example, dates are formatted different across certain cultures. While short dates formatted as 3/1/2020 are commonly read as "March 1st, 2020" in America, a user from a different cultural background may validly interpret this as "January 3rd, 2020" instead.

Reasons to Localize

Reason to LocalizeWhy it is Important
Market PenetrationA company may not be set up in a certain cultural environment, but the product being sold can meet the needs in that area
Market ExpansionTranslating a tool into another language
Company Branding and ImageCompany may have past cultural mistakes that need to be corrected
Better Connect with Current CustomersTo offer new tools and customizations for products or services already used

Localization Needs

Localization NeedImpact
LanguageIf the message of the business can't be communicated, then customers can not be effectively or efficiently served
Time and DateDate formatting can differ across the world. If dates are read wrong, this can have negative effects on deadlines
CurrencyIt's important to be able to convert currency, as well as show the appropriate symbols for each currency
Work SchedulesCoordination of different work schedules across different countries
HolidaysAll cultures, religions, and countries have different holidays that may interfere with project management
RegulatoryDiffering laws in all countries

Localization Options

Administrations may localize the following in their instances:

For further information on the Portal, visit the Decisions Forum.

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