Integrate with Database Table
  • 31 Aug 2022
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Integrate with Database Table

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Integrating with Table grants the Designer access to data in the external database. Designers may choose to create new a Table within Decisions as exemplified below or reference an preexisting table in the external database. Designers also assign defined Flow steps for the created Table enabling the Designer to easily update the Table and it's database through internal Flow logic thus removing the necessity of external updates.


To add a database within the portal, navigate to the folder and select System > Designers > Integrations > Databases, choose the Add Database action button and supply the necessary details. Once a database is introduced, components to query, insert, or update data to or from the database within the Flow Designer can be used. They are found under Integrations > My Integrations > Database > [Database Name] > [Table Name]

  1. Databases connection can be found in the Databases folder. Right-click the database connection and select Add Table.  
  2. In the Tables Integration window, pick a Table from the database that was integrated with and hit next.
  3. Select the Table Fields needed for integration. Make sure at least one Table Key is selected. 
  4. Next, check the boxes to have those Flow steps generated in the Flow Designer. Then click Save
  5. After clicking Save, the integrate database table will appear in the folder, indicating the successful integration. Below is a table of available actions when right-clicking a Database Table.
    Edit [Advanced]Can set the type as a Lookup List.
    Edit TableOpens all previous dialogs that are seen when creating the table. 
    Manage Additional AccessOpens a new tab to create Access Patterns for the table.
    Override Action Context
    Enabling the Override Action Context Property allows users to add Actions for specifically sorted data.

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