Get Address Information
  • 01 Jul 2022
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Get Address Information

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Step Details

Introduced in Version3.0.0
Last Modified in Version8.0.0
LocationIntegration > Google

The Get Address Information step utilizes Google's Geocoding API to return the formatted address, the latitude and longitude for a location. If there are multiple results for the same address, then multiple coordinates will be returned.



PropertyDescriptionData Type

Address The physical address for the location String

Google Cloud API KeyThe API key used with Google's Geocoding API that authenticates requestsString

Postal CodeThe postal code for the addressString

RegionLimits searches to specific regions based on an entered country code.String


PropertyDescriptionData Type

Formatted AddressThe formatted address for a locationString

LatitudeThe latitude for the addressDouble

LongitudeThe longitude for the addresssDouble

CoordinatesIf multiple results are returned, each item will be displayed with its Formatted Address, Latitude and Longitude fields.List of GoogleGeoCoordinate

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