Docker Module
  • 29 Mar 2024
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Docker Module

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Module Details

Core or Github ModuleCore
Restart Required No
Step Location Toolbox > Docker Steps
Settings Location System > Designers > Data Structures > Decisions > Docker

The Docker Module is an application that allows users to implement certain Rules and Flows to run in managed containers. The Docker Module is currently considered restricted use, and users will be required to contact in order to enable the Module. 


  1. Both the Docker Settings and the Docker Folder Data can be found by navigating to System > Designers > Data Structures > Decisions > Docker.
  2. From this page, users have the options to either ADD NEW SUBFOLDER or REGISTER.NET DATATYPE from the Action Bar at the top of the page.

Available Steps

Once the Docker Module is installed, there will be an additional step that becomes visible in the Flow Designer Toolbox. This step can be found by navigating to the Toolbox > Docker Steps, and is explained in the table below. 

Step NameDescription
Execute FlowThis step allows the user to execute the Flow that has been added to the managed container. 

For further information on Modules, visit the Decisions Forum.

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