Custom Permissions Overview
  • 25 Aug 2022
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Custom Permissions Overview

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A user with Administrator permissions can create custom permissions which can be used when managing account permissions or to group the default permissions. 


  1. In the Studio, navigate to System > Settings and select Custom Permissions Setting. 
  2. In the Edit Custom Permission Setting window, multiple value fields exist to add a custom permission name. After adding a name and click SAVE.
  3. Right-click on a folder in the Sidebar and navigate to Manage > Manage Permissions.
  4. In the Manage Folder Permissions window, click ADD under ACCOUNTS.
  5. In the Add Accounts Information window, select the custom permission under the PERMISSIONS category.

Applying Custom Permissions to User Actions

In a Data Structure's Configuration Folder, once a User Action has been created, the Custom Permissions can also be checked to use the User Action.

  1. In the Designer Studio, select a Configuration folder, click USER ACTIONS and select Create User Action.

  2. Name the action and click CREATE.
  3. In the Flow Designer, click the Properties panel. Navigate to the PERMISSION and select the desired permissions. 
  4. Navigate to Creating User Actions to learn how to create actions.

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