Create Tile Data Step Configuration
  • 02 May 2022
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Create Tile Data Step Configuration

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The Create Tile Data step is used in Tile Flows for Pages. This step is different from the Create Tile Return step because it contains no Tile Type Name dropdown list and instead has a series of inputs called Lines. By default, there are five line inputs, but additional line inputs can be configured. This step also gives users more control over the styling of the Tile through the use of the Advanced Styling checkbox option.

Create Tile Data Settings

Setting NameDescription
Advanced Configuration CheckboxAllows for additional configuration on Line text in regards to the number of lines, font, alignment, text behavior, or icon via Build Array mapping
LinesVariables that expect String data
Tile Action Type
Enables the Page Tile as an action that performs the selected function such as opening a URL, navigating to the Portal, etc.

NoneNo action

URLNavigates to the chosen URL

NavigatePortalNavigates to chosen Page or Folder by ID

EntityActionsPerforms chosen action onto chosen Entity by ID

RunFlowInitiates chosen Flow by ID. Initiates a Flow by ID. This option will also create an additional option that will allow users to map in Flow Input data.

PushDataToControlsMoves Tile Data to chosen Form Controls via Bus Name and Bus Value
Advanced StylingAllows users to further customize the style of the Tile; custom CSS styling sheets can be selected and used here

The specific custom CSS styling sheets must be marked by the user as Tile CSS in the System > Designers > Css folder, otherwise the sheets will not be displayed for selection

Background ColorCustomizes the background color of the Tile

Border ColorCustomizes the border color of the Tile

Border WidthCustomizes the width of the border on the Tile

Content Horizontal AlignmentAligns the content on the Tile horizontally

Content Vertical AlignmentAligns the content on the Tile vertically

Corner RadiusCustomizes the curve on the corners of the Tile

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