Create a Text Merge
  • 28 Jul 2022
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Create a Text Merge

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Custom Text Merges can be created in a Designer Project or Flow to merge written text and data. When a custom Text Merge is created and referenced in a Flow, inputs can be mapped dynamically using Flow data

Using a Custom Text Merge in a Flow

Text Merges have a Designer that acts as an interface with pre-built Calculated Fields and Icons. For data to be usable, it must be added as Input Data. This example will explore how to create a text merge and use it in a Flow. 

  1. In the Designer Project, create a new Flow
  2. In the Toolbox, navigate to Data > Text > Text Merges. Select [Pick or Create TextMerge] and add it to the workspace.

  3. On the Properties panel, click PICK OR CREATE TEXTMERGE and create a new Text Merge.
  4. The Text Merge Designer will open. In the Properties panel for the designer, add two new String inputs, One for Name and another for Email Address
  5. With the inputs defined, add text into the workspace utilizing the inputs. For example, [Name]'s email is [Email Address].
  6. Once the Text Merge is defined, save and close this Designer.
  7. In the Flow Designer, two new input values appear on the step, matching the created inputs for the Text Merge. Define values for the inputs. 
  8. Under Settings, set Merge Text Type to Plain. Below is a brief overview of the different Merge Text Types.
    Text TypeDescription
    PlainOutputs the Text Merge as a regular string
    HTMLOutputs the Text Merge as HTML string
    PDFOutputs the Text Merge as a PDF file
    DOCOutputs the Text Merge as a Word document

  9. Save and debug the Flow to view the resulting output.

For further information on Flows, visit the Decisions Forum.

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