Configuring Object Properties With Flow Steps
  • 18 Mar 2022
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Configuring Object Properties With Flow Steps

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The Flow Designer includes steps that allow users to apply additional property configurations to define and adjust an Object's values at runtime.

Create [DataType] Data Pair

The Create [DataType] Data Pair step defines a DataPair which is a representation of a data value and its associated Name. This DataPair will be used to map Properties to and from the Object.

NameNames the DataPair
ValueAssigns that Data Value along with its Data Type to the newly created DataPair
The Input for Value must be mapped dynamically and cannot be Constant mapped. This is because the Value is reliant on the context of the mapped Object to decide what DataType it is. 

Data Pair to Object 

The Data Pair to Object step allows users to map a DataPair to a designated Object Property.

Input NameFunction 
Data Pairs Used to pull source Data that will be mapped to Property. 
Destination NamesUsed to dictate which Property the Data is applied to. 
Source NamesUsed to figure out which DataPair to pull information from; sourced from the Name Property of a DataPair. 
TargetUsed to determine which Object the DataPair is applied to. 

Object Properties to Data Pairs 

The Object Properties to Data Pairs step converts the Properties from a designated Object into separate DataPairs.

Input NameFunction
OActs as the Object that the Properties are pulled from. 

Get Property On Object 

The Get Property On Object step outputs the value of a specified property on an Object.

Input NameFunction
Property PathUsed to determine which property the output value is pulled from.
TargetDesignates which Object the step sources the property and value from. 

Set Property On Object

The Set Property on On Object step establishes a value for the designated property (via Property Path) of a Target Object.

Input NameFunction
Property PathDictates which Property that the Value is applied to. 
TargetThe Object that the Value update is applied to. 
ValueUpdates the Data under the designated Property Path of the Target Object.

Due to the nature of the step, the input for Value must be mapped dynamically and cannot be Constant mapped. This is because the Value is reliant on the context of the mapped Object to decide what DataType it is.

Export Single Object 

The Export Single Object step exports a designated Object as a .decObj file onto the Local File System. This file can then be imported to and from other Decisions environments. 

Input NameFunction
Entity IdDesignates which Object will be exported by the step. 

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