Branching and Merging Flows
  • 01 Jun 2022
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Branching and Merging Flows

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Branching and Merging allows the ability to process multiple Flow steps at the same time, rather than one after the other. If an Assignment needs three Approvals at the same time, Branching and Merging allows the option to create three separate Outcome Paths that can run those Assignments simultaneously, as opposed to one after the other, thereby assigning three different Flow activities to three different Assignees.

When the execution of a Branch and Merge is complete, a Merge Step will wait for all of the threads of execution to complete before moving on to the next step in the process.

The following document demonstrates how to use the Branch and Merge steps in a Flow. 

Branch and Merge Restriction
Branch and Merge Steps do not create Parallel Processes and should only be used with Assigned Forms to create Parallel Approvals.

Any steps that are anchored between the Branch Step and Merge Step will run in parallel. However, this is not a true parallel. The steps will not run at the same time, but each step will be able to accept the same Input and send their Output to the steps within their Branch.


  1. From the Flow Designer, navigate to Toolbox > FLOW MANAGEMENT > BRANCHING. Then, attach a Branch Step to the Start step, and a Merge Step to the End step. 
  2. However over the Branch step to expose its Outcome Paths; then, attach a Show Form step from Toolbox > FAVORITE STEPS to Path 1
  3. From the Properties tab of the Show Form step, either create a new Formor pick a preexisting one. 
    Attaching Forms 
    The Form attached to a Branch and Merge Step may be any Form that results in an Outcome Path. For this example, a Form containing a single "Submit" Button component is used. 
  4. Hover over the Branch Step once more to reveal Path 2. Attach another Show Form step to newly revealed Outcome Path; then, via PICK OR CREATE FORM, PICK the same Form that was attached to Path 1
  5. Repeat the same process demonstrated in step 4 for the Branch Step's Path 3
  6. Save the Flow, then if desired close via X.


  1. From the Flow Designer, select Debug in the top Action Bar.
  3. Complete each instance of the Show Form step in the order that they are reached. 
  4. Verify that the Outputs of the Forms Merge at the Merge Step and complete the Flow

For further information on Forms, visit the Decisions Forum.

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