Batch Insert Step
  • 30 Mar 2022
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Batch Insert Step

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Users are able to save objects such as a Case Entity, Database Structure, Defined Data Structure, Entity, Entity Extension, Flow Data Extension, or Folder Extension to the database using the Batch Insert steps.

Data Structure is required. To learn more about Data Structures, see About Data Structures

Batch Insert Entities

The Batch Entities step takes in a list of data objects and saves them to the database. The Type Name determines the entity type and the Entities field takes in a list of the values of the Type specified. The values may be also be dynamically mapped using Create Data step or from the Flow.

Batch Insert Entities (auto queue)

The Batch Insert Entities (auto queue) step takes in data one piece at a time and stores it in memory for a specified amount of time via the Batch Save Time configuration option. After the time has passed, the data is then saved in the database.

Batch Insert Entities (save pending)

The Batch Insert Entities (saves pending) is used with the Batch Insert Entities (auto-queue) step and allows the data being stored in the memory to empty before the time specified by the Batch Insert Entities (auto queue) step if the ForEach step has completed filtering through the data and has not reached the specified end time. The step executes the process when all data has been filtered through.

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