Adding Background Image to a PDF
  • 13 May 2022
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Adding Background Image to a PDF

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PDF Files can be customized as part of a Flow. The following example demonstrates how to use the Add Background Image to a PDF step to add an image to a PDF file.


Under Settings in the Properties panel, the step can be configured to apply the background image to some PDF files or override an existing background image. Below is a brief overview of each setting:

Choose Values At RuntimeIf enabled, allows the background image to only be applied to some PDF files that the user defines 
Add To All PDF PagesIf enabled, applies the background to all PDF pages. Enabled by default.
Override Existing BackgroundIf enabled, allows the new background image to override an existing background


 The following example adds an image to a PDF file using the Add Background to PDF step.

  1. Create a new Flow.
  2. Expand the Data > PDF steps and select the Add Background Image to PDF step to the workspace.
  3. With the step selected. In the Properties panel, define the Image and PDF Document inputs.
    For this example, these inputs are set to constant values.

  4. Create and add a Form step.
  5. In the Form Designers Toolbox tab, search for the Document Viewer control. 
  6. In the Properties panel for the control, under the InputType header, select the File Data.
  7. Name the input field using Data Name in the Properties panel. MyPDF is used for the Data Name input.
  8. Add a Button to the Form and close the Form Designer.
  9. Map the Pdf Document Result to the MyPDF field on the Form. 
  10. Connect the Form to the End step.

  11. Debug the Flow. The background image will be applied to the PDF files when viewed through the Document Viewer.

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