Using The Repository
  • 21 Dec 2021
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Using The Repository

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The Designer Repository contains all shared Designer Projects that have been stored and saved within an environment. These Projects can be accessed from, Checked out from, or Added to the Decisions Repository.

In order to take full advantage of the Repository Actions, entities can be assigned to the correct Project, and a Designer Project can be added to that Project. The following document demonstrates how to use the Designer Repository in Decisions. 

Add a Project to the Repository

To add and attach Entities to a Project on the Repository

  1. Navigate to the desired Designer Project.
  2. Right-click the Designer Project and select the Designer Repository, choose and Add to Project.
    Note on Checking in Single Items 
    Note that if a user wishes to Check In a single Item (such as a Flow, Data Structure, etc...) to the Designer Repository, it must be assigned to a Project. This Project may be either one created specifically for the Checked In Item itself or a pre-existing one. 

  3. Either Select an existing project, or Create a new Project by Entering New Project Name, then click CONTINUE
  4. Choose either Add Single Folder or Add Folder & Content, then click NEXT
    If Add Folder & Content is selected users are provided the option to Include Sub Folders, Add Dependencies, Exclude History Folders, and/or Exclude HIdden Items. 
  5. Ensure that Add Dependencies is checked, then click NEXT. 
    Including all dependencies helps to ensure the avoidance of any conflict or issues in adding the Project. 

  6. Reviewed the checked items, then click ADD
  7. Click COMMIT NOW to finish adding the Project to the Repository Server. 

Checkout/Update Project from Repository 

To Checkout/Update a Project from the Designer Repository:

  1. Navigate to and login to the Designer Repository.
  2. Navigate to System > Designers > Repository
  3. Select the CHECKOUT/UPDATE PROJECT button from the top Action bar. 
  4. Search for a select the desired Project, choose the Branch, then click CHECKOUT
  5. If any items require updating, select UPDATE, if not, close out the window via X
    The Designer Repository window will display all associated Project Data that needs to be updated. 


After the project has been checkout from the Designer Repository the project will be available in Designer Folders. This is an image of the selected project.

Checking out the Project from the Designer Repository will make the Project available in the Folder Tree 

Removing/Detaching Entities From Project

To remove an Entity from a Project:

  1. Right-click the Entity. 
  2. Select Designer Repository > Remove from Project [Project Name]
  3. Confirm with YES
  4. Check the Entity that is desired for removal and select REMOVE.
    Removing the Entity will remove it from the Project and any association with that Project. 

Committing/Sending Project Changes To Repository

Any Project changes that have been made to the Repository Server can be manually sent forward. 

To do so:

  1. Right-click the desired Entity.
  2. Select Designer Repository > Checkin Changes for Project [Project Name].
  3. Select all the Entities that need to be updated then click COMMIT. SC37.png
  4. Select CLOSE after confirming that the Changes were committed. SC38.png

Revert Changes In Project

This option allows the user to revert back any changes that may have been made in the Project. 

  1. Right-click the desired Project.
  2. Select Open > Open Folder View.
  3. Right-click the Entity Name and select Open > Open Commit History.  
  4. Right-click the desired Revision ID and select Revert Revision.
  5. Confirm with OK.
The instance that the Repository is in may need to be restarted to apply changes. 

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