About FolderID, EntityID and EntityFolderID
  • 22 Feb 2022
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About FolderID, EntityID and EntityFolderID

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About FolderID

A FolderID is an unique identifier found in each and every Folder regardless of its behavior or any other custom changes.

If the Folder is a Folder Extension type, the Manage menu on the folder will show Get [Folder Extension name] ID.

The FolderID property is significant for Folder Extension type because it is necessary to link a Folder to actions created for that folder type and for linking Entities inside that Folder.

Folder Actions in a Configuration Folder automatically set the identifying information of Folder Extension as a Flow input. Steps interacting with the Folder Extension need the FolderID to manipulate the correct Folder. Mapping the FolderId is required, and FolderId can never be null.

To view a Folder's ID, right-click on the Folder and select Manage > Get Designer Folder ID. For regular Folder, this is named Get Folder ID instead. Both actions pop up a dialog window to copy the ID once initiated.

About EntityID

An EntityID provides a unique identity for an Entity. The Flow Designer includes steps for interacting with Portal Entities under the Integration category.

To retrieve an Entity's ID from the Studio, right click on the Entity and navigate to Manage > Get [EntityName] ID. Clicking on this action open a dialog window displays the Entity ID. Users may use this in Flow logic via Constant mapping.

Data Structure CRUD Actions are the most common use of Entity IDs which allow users to create, read, update, and delete specific Entities as determined by their EntityID.

CRUD Actions use the Fetch Entities step to gather a specific Entity list that includes data for each of its entries such as ID. Users may utilize this list of EntityIDs and/or an individual Entity's ID in Flow logic via Select From Flow mapping.

In cases where the desired Entity is a Folder, the FolderID and the EntityID are treated the same.

About EntityFolderID

EntityFolderID is the unique identifier of a Folder containing an Object(s) with an Entity Framework. This is similar to a Parent Folder ID for this identifier names the Folder that houses an Entity.

EntityFolderID/Parent Folder ID is a default index in the database and its tables. This is created in the database at the same time as the database table stores user-defined data.

Any Flow logic aiming to edit a specific Entity will need to know that Entity's location via the EntityFolderID/Parent Folder ID.

Returning back to the CRUD Action example, the Fetch Entities step requires the Parent Folder ID to search the correct Folder for the specified Entity type. This Parent Folder ID can be with a FolderID or an EntityFolderID.

For further information on Data Structures, visit the Decisions Forum.

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