Toolbox Visibility Rules
  • 01 Jul 2021
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Toolbox Visibility Rules

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Visibility Rules can be applied to Rules, Forms, Pages, Flows, and Reports. Visibility Rules can also be set to a Designer's Toolbox. Setting up a Rule for the Toolbox will restrict viewers' ability to see specific categories. The Rule can be set so that the administrator's toolbox will not have the filters in place.
The following document demonstrates how to limit which categories are visible in the Report Designer, as well as how to hide a specific category within the Flow Designer Toolbox.

Example A: Report Designer 

In this example, a Toolbox Rule for the Report Designer will be created that will allow the user to only see categories that start with the letter C and subcategories that start with “Account"

  1. Navigate to Designers > Toolbox Customization > Element Rules. Then, click ADD TOOLBOX RULE. Name the Rule (Report Toolbox Rule) and click ADD TOOLBOX RULE.
  2. Select the new Rule to open the Rule Designer.
    The Rule can be Enabled or Disabled under the SETTINGS category on the Properties panel

  3. In the If statement block, click Select Data Element and select type. Then, click NEXT.
  4. Select Is on the Pick Verb dialog and click NEXT.
  5. Under the INPUTS category, select Report from the dropdown list and click DONE. Then, click CLOSE.
  7. Click Add in the Either statement block and select Add Condition.
  8. Select is Category from the Data Element dialog and click NEXT.
  9.  For the Pick Verb window, select Is True and click DONE. Then, click CLOSE to close the window.
  10. Click Add and add another Condition. Configure the condition to evaluate if name does not starts with C. This will hide categories that don't start with the letter C.
  11. For the or statement block, add a condition to evaluate if isCategory is false. Then, add another condition to evaluate if name does not start with Account. This will hide subcategories that do not start with Account. Then, click Save.


  1. Open a Report Designer and click Add under Data Sources. Only categories that begin with C are visible and the subcategories that start with Account are visible.

Example B: Flow Designer 

The following example demonstrates how to hide a specific category in the Flow Designer.

Additional Information on Example 
The following example can be utilized to hide any Flow Step Category. For this example, the Toolbox Visibility Rule hides the BRANCHING category that's housed by the FLOW MANAGEMENT category. 

To do so:

  1. From the Decisions Studio, navigate to System > Designers > Toolbox Customization > Element Rules and select ADD TOOLBOX RULE; provide a Name, then click ADD TOOLBOX RULE once more. Select the Rule to open the Rule Designer
  2. Begin defining the rule by setting the If statement to type is Flow.
  3. Click Add > Add Condition, then configure the new Condition as Flow Data.InitiatingUserGroups, List Contains, then input the desired User Group Name
  4. Click Add once more, then select Add Either/Or Group.
  5. Under Either, select Add > Add Condition; configure the Either element as category List Contains [Name of Category]. Under or, select Add > Add Condition; configure the or value as name Equals [Name of Category].
  6. Save the Rule, then close the Rule Designer. 
  7. Log into any Account from the designated Group
  8. Open the Flow Designer and verify that the category has been hidden.
    Example Results 
    If properly configured, the designated category will not appear for any Account under the chosen Group

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