System Information Overview
  • 30 Dec 2021
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System Information Overview

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The System Information window provides a brief overview over configuration settings for Decisions. Such information includes the current version of Decisions itself, as well as the name of the current database used to access and store Designer Elements for Decisions.

Accessing System Information Dialog

  1. Navigate and log into either Decisions Studio or the User Portal
  2. From either screen, above the Global Action Bar, select the Account icon. 
  3. From here, select the About link.
  4. From the System Information window, the current Platform, HTML, and MVC version in use by Decisions can be seen. 

System Information Dialog

Inside the System Information window is an overview of the current configuration settings for Decisions. The following table provides a brief description on the elements found here:

Platform Version
Displays the current version of Decisions.
HTML Version
Shows the current version of HTML in use by the Decisions web portal.
MVC Version
Shows the current version of ASP.NET MVC used by Decisions.
Portal Base URL
Displays the URL defined to access the Decisions portal. Can be configured in the Settings.xml file for Decisions.
Use Timezone Translation
Displays whether Timezone Translation is enabled.
Email Settings
Displays the current email settings in use by Decisions. This can be configured in the Settings.xml file for Decisions.
Server Name
Displays the Server Name as defined in the Settings.xml file.
File Storage Location
Displays the current folder path used by Decisions to store files generated by Decisions.
Database Type
Displays the type for the main database used by Decisions. (MSSQL, AzureSQL,PostgreSQL, etc.)
Current Database Name
Displays the name for the current database in use. This is defined in the Connection String when setting up Decisions.

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