Send Notifications Within a Flow
  • 22 Dec 2020
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Send Notifications Within a Flow

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The Portal supports Notifications in the form of an Email, Popup within the portal, SMS text, Instant Message, Twitter, or custom notification method. In order for the system to know a user's Email Address, the Phone Number to text, etc.; the contact information must be provided to the user's Account settings.
The general set up to enable SMS notifications is as follows:

  1. Add SMS carrier under System > Administration > Notifications > SMS Carriers.

  2. Configure user Accounts to receive SMS text messaging.

  3. Configure the Notification itself to deliver via text either under System > Administration > Notifications > Default Notifications, or within a Flow using a notification, within the notification step itself.


In this example, create a Flow that sends a text message to a user that is currently logged in. The example assumes that steps one and two from the Overview have already been completed.

  1. From a Designer Project, select the CREATE FLOWbutton from the top Action bar. 
  2. Select CREATE, then Flow, then provide a Name and click CREATE,
  3. From the Flow Designer, add a Send Notification to Accounts and Groups step form the NOTIFICATION category of the Toolbox tab. 
  4. Connect the step to the Start and End steps.
  5. Click the Notification step to navigate to the Properties tab. 
    1. From the NotificationType dropdown menu select SMS
      Note in addition to SMS, the NotificationType dropdown allows the options of Email or PopUp as well

    2. Under NOTIFY TO > NotifyUser select ADD NEW, choose a user, then click PICK
    3. Constant map the desired Message and Subject for the Notification, under INPUTS
  6. Save the Flow then close if desired.


  1. From the Flow Designer, select the Debug link from the top Action bar. 
  2. Click the START DEBUGGING button. 
  3. When the Flow executes the recipient should receive a text message with the defined Message input if there is a phone number attached to the Account.

    As a test to see if the phone can receive text messaging in general, compose a new Email to the phone number and use the carrier's Email suffix as the domain. For example, for a Sprint phone, send an email to (with the "6195555555" representing the actual user's phone number). The message should appear as a text message on the phone.

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