How to Restart the Decisions Application
  • 31 May 2023
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How to Restart the Decisions Application

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Decisions Hosted

Clients that have Decisions host for them cannot restart the application on their own. They must submit a ticket to support with a time frame for when the restart is needed.


Decisions Server is a Windows Service that powers the Decisions environment, therefore the application will need to be reset through Windows Services as shown below.

IIS Hosted

If Decisions is hosted by IIS then restarting the application will be performed through the Microsoft IIS panel and restarting the DecisionsAppPool. Another way to restart IIS hosted Decisions is through the command prompt with administrative level privileges and running the iisreset command. 

Self-Hosted Example

To restart manually, navigate to the Windows search box which is generally located on the Windows Task Bar. Type in 'Services' and click the Services Desktop App.


By default, the list should appear with the services listed in alphabetical order, scroll down this list until Decisions Server appears. Once the service has been located, right-click the name and select the 'Restart' option from the menu.

Restarting Decisions Server from this menu will restart the Decisions instance IMMEDIATELY. DO NOT proceed if there is unsaved work.

IIS Hosted Example

Open the windows command prompt with admin level privileges.

Then type iisreset and press enter.

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