Repository Installation
  • 24 Nov 2023
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Repository Installation

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Article Summary

Important Considerations
  • Newer version Repository server may connect to older version Application servers, but the opposite may cause errors.
  • A Repository server cannot be installed as a server in a cluster or as a tenant in versions that support Multi-Tenancy.


This article explains how to install a Repository server. 

Before proceeding, refer to the Installation Requirements for recommended specifications.

A Repository server requires its own database separate from any dev/prod databases; however, it is recommended for the Repository and the dev databases to be on the same SQL server such as MSSQL.


  1. Right-click the DecisionsServerInstaller.exe file and select Run as Administrator
  2. Under Select Installation Type, select Designer Repository. Click Next.
  3. This ends all Repository server specific changes during installation. Proceed with the installation as detailed in the Installation Guide.

For further information on Repository, visit the Decisions Forum.

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