Report Field Action Handler Flow
  • 23 Jul 2021
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Report Field Action Handler Flow

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The Report Field Action Handler Flow allows a user to create a Flow that can be set as a calculated column in a Report. It creates an inline button that runs a Flow when clicked.


This example will demonstrate how to show a popup message that displays an account ID and account name on a Report using a Report Field Action Handler Flow.

  1. In a Designer Project, click CREATE FLOW. Select For Reports/Pages and click Report Field Action Handler Flow. Name the Flow and click CREATE.
  2. Click the Done path on the Start step. Select the Show Popup step and click ADD.
  3. Under the INPUTS category, select Unknown next to the Subject field and select Select From Flow. Click Selected Row and select Field01. Click DONE.
  4. Click Unknown next to the Message field and select Merge Plain Text. Click SHOW EDITOR.
  5. Enter "is the ID of " in the Merge Text Editor window. Click Selected Row and click the plus sign next to Field04. Click SAVE to close.
  6. Connect the Done path to the End step. Click Save and close the Flow.
  7. In the Designer Project, click CREATE REPORT and select Report. Name the Report and click CREATE.
  8. Under Data Sources, click Add. Click Common and select Account Data Source.
  9. Under Data Fields, click Add. Select Account Id and Entity Name. Scroll down and expand the Calculated Columns category and select RunFlowInlineField.
  10. On the Add Calculated Column window, click PICK OR CREATE FLOW ID under the DATA category.
  11. Click PICK, select the Flow, and click PICK.
  12. Select the Show UI checkbox and click SHOW EDITOR.
  13. Enter "Show Popup Message" in the Merge Text Editor window and click SAVE.
  14. Click OK on the Add Calculated Columns window.


  1. On the Report Designer, click Run Report on the top action panel.
  2. Click the Show Popup Message link to see the popup display from the Flow.

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