Mobile App Setup
  • 31 Jan 2022
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Mobile App Setup

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The Decisions Mobile App empowers users to conveniently access the platform from mobile devices to complete Assignments, Forms, and Workflows designated for mobile access. In addition, the app supports use of Offline Forms for those needing to submit information on the go.

Once logged in and connected to their Decisions server, Flows in the Workflow Catalog folder found under System > Workflow Catalog with the Show On Mobile and Can Run Offline checkboxes enabled are accessible. These settings control whether or not the Flows appear on the Mobile app when the mobile device connects to the Decisions Server. 

If experiencing errors, please ensure there are Flows in the Workflow Catalog folder with these settings checked. For more information on how to enable these settings, please visit

Mobile App Supported Layouts and Controls

The following represents a list of features that are currently supported by the Mobile App

Supported Page and Form Layouts
  • Grid Layout
  • Horizontal Stack
  • Vertical Stack
Supported Form Controls
  • Textbox
  • TextArea
  • ComboBox
  • DatePicker
  • TimePicker
  • NumberBox
  • Image
  • Slider
  • Button

Unsupported Features 

The following represents a list of features not presently supported by the Mobile App

Unsupported Features
  • No Branding
  • No Push Notifications
  • No SAML auth
  • No File/Media Picker
  • Geolocation

Mobile App Setup

Searching Google Play Store or Apple Store
To assist with finding the Decisions Mobile App in the following stores, enter Decisions Workflow in the search bar.


  1. Search for the app in the App Store for iOS devices or in the Google Play Store. Download the app.

  2.  On install, users may create an Account or login on a Default Server without configuring a server URL. In practice, most users will have and use the server configuration option to direct the app to their organization’s Decisions backend.

  3. Next, enter valid login credentials that have access to the Decisions Server or create a login.

Mobile App Context Menus

Once logged in, the app displays the Flows in the Catalog that have been configured to run on the mobile app. Below is an overview of the mobile app interface.

SettingsContains the Server URL the mobile app is connected to and displays the logged-in user

SubmissionsDisplays the Forms that have been complete/submitted
WorkflowsDisplays all Catalog Item Flows that have been configured to run on Mobile
PortalA mobile Decisions Portal that displays the Folders that contain the Catalog Item Flows and the Assignment Inbox
AssignmentsDisplays current assignments that are waiting to be completed

Offline Forms and Submissions 

Through the use of Offline Forms, users are provided the flexibility of being able to use Decisions Forms outside of the typical browser-based environment. 

This could be advantageous for a user that is conducting fieldwork or completing a physical task such as vehicle inspection. In the case of inspection, a user may conduct and submit multiple single inspections; upon reconnection, the Pending Submissions will then sync up and finish submission. These pending Form submissions can be viewed by navigating to the Submissions tab within the Workflows page.

Offline Form Behavior 
Offline Forms submit data and interact with the backend in much the same way as browser-based Forms. The biggest difference being data is only validated upon Form submission.


To utilize a preconfigured Offline Form:

Note on Example
Note that the following example requires a Form that is premarked as Can Run Offline, and for the user to be disconnected from WiFi and Mobile Data. 

  1. From the Decisions Mobile App, select the desired Form from the Workflows page.
  2. Fill out then Submit the Form.
  3. After submitting the Form, navigate to the Submissions page to verify that the Form is in the Form submissions list in the Pending state. 

  4. Reconnect to an internet source and verify that the Form successfully synced/submitted by waiting for the Form Submitted notification.

Offline Form Limitations 

When connectivity to the mobile app becomes disconnected, the Workflows tab reloads to show only those Workflows which are marked for mobile and offline. These will present an offline Form with the following limitations:

  • The Form step must be the first step in the Flow to be submitted from offline.
  • There must be only one Form step in the Flow.
  • Only empty required field validation will run when submitting the Form offline.

These limitations stem from not being able to run the Flow or access the Form Service while offline, which prevent the app from knowing how any steps preceding the first or in between subsequent Forms.


When the application loads, it will download all the Workflow Catalog items that are marked for mobile. It will also download and store all the Workflow items that are marked for mobile and offline. When a user runs a Workflow, the application determines if it’s a Flow to run or a URL. For a URL-type Workflow, the app will attempt to load in a web view. On a Workflow tab, the user can select the top menu to view pending offline Form submissions and when connectivity is restored, the user will receive success or failure notifications from each submission. 


The Assignments view fetches the user’s Decisions assignments and displays them in a list. Selecting an Assignment shows a summary of the Assignment in a built-in Android / iOS view. Selecting the “Work Assignment” button loads the assigned Form in a web view where that Assignment can be completed.

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