Running a Flow from a URL
  • 17 Jan 2022
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Running a Flow from a URL

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Flows can be run as a service or used to show Forms in a web browser by accessing its URL. This URL can be used to allow the execution of the workflow from a browser or as a service.  


Setup Integration Options 
Make sure that the Designers have been configured to allow integrations before proceeding with this setup. For information on how to do this, see View Integration Details.

In this example, a URL will be generated to run a Flow that will run inside a web browser.

  1. Right-click any Flow and navigate to Run[Advanced] > Integration > View Integration Details. This will bring up the Integration Details page for the workflow. This page will build a URL based on the configured settings.

  2. A series of options will be shown on the left side of the screen to configure the URL.
    Additional OptionsSummary
    Authentication TypeOption to choose user authentication type.
    Call Flow ByURL to use either Folder Id or Path.
    Data FormatThis is the option to configure the output type of the call e.g. XML or JSON
  3. If a Flow has a Form within its process, the User Interface Integration type could be used. This gives users the power to configure the location and display type of those UI elements. Clicking 'Show Additional Options' will reveal extra configurations that could be applied.

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