Enabling a Guest Account
  • 07 Jul 2022
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Enabling a Guest Account

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In the event that an Admin wishes to provide Portal access to non-Portal users (such as an outside vendor or customer), so that the non-Portal user may engage with a Flow, Form, etc., the Admin may enable the use of a Guest Account

This is accomplished through a series of three steps: 

  • Activation of the Guest Account 
  • Applying the Can Use Portal Permission 
  • Enabling the Guest Account 

Once the Guest account is active, a GUEST user will be seen in the Accounts list, and Forms will be provided the "Assign to Guest" option available for doing the assignment. The following document demonstrates how to follow the three step Guest Account Process. 

More on Guest Account Abilities 
Note that the following document details the process for enabling a Guest Account; to further expand the abilities of a Guest Account, see Enabling Guest Permissions to a Folder.

Activate Guest Account

To Activate the Guest Account:

  1. Navigate to System > Security > Accounts.
  2. Locate and access the GUEST Account's Action menu. 
  3. Select Manage > Activate Guest

Can Use Portal

Once the GUEST Account has been activated, the Can Use Portal property must be enabled. To do so: 

  1. From System > Security > Accounts, right-click the GUEST Account and select Edit Account
  2. From the Edit Entity window, under PERSONAL INFORMATION, enable Is Active, Is Confirmed, and Can Use Portal. Then, click SAVE.

Enable Guest Account

The final step in setting up a Guest Account, is to toggle the Enable Guest Account Setting.

To enable this function: 

  1. Navigate to System > Settings. Then, right-click Portal Settings, and select Edit.
  2. From the Edit Portal Settings dialog, search for and enable Enable Guest Account under the PORTAL SETTINGS category. Then click SAVE. 
  3. Once the Setting has been enabled, logout of the Decisions Portal via the Logout action from the Account (person icon in top right corner) Action Menu
  4. From the Login screen, select Login as Guest
  5. Verify that the Guest Account has successfully logged into the User Portal

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