Default Groups
  • 26 Jul 2022
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Default Groups

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Within each install of Decisions are three default user account groups that can be found by navigating to System > Security > Groups: Administrators, Designers, and All Users. These groups help to categorize and grant specific privileges to user accounts that are added.

Default Group Information Details

Default GroupPrivilege LevelCan Use PortalCan Use Studio
DesignersModerateY (restricted)Y (restricted)
All UsersLeastY (restricted)N


Users in the Administrator group have complete access to the Portal and Studio. They are able to control and configure the application's function and look by navigating to the Settings folder via System > Settings. Administrators also have the ability to create/execute actions for conducting maintenance and monitoring system health. Administrators can grant folder permissions to another group.


Though the Designers group can navigate between the Portal and Studio, their access is limited to creating logic within the My Apps folder.  Access to other designer folders must be granted by an Administrator. The Designers group does NOT have access to the System folder and/or its subfolders.

All Users

The All Users group can not create logic and is restricted to the Portal with no default access to folders. All Users group can interact with elements created by Designers and Administrators.

For further information on Administration, visit the Decisions Forum.

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