Designer Studio Settings
  • 19 Jul 2022
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Designer Studio Settings

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The Decisions Studio is the back-end interface of the product that is utilized by users to develop Projects. Within the Decisions Studio users are provided several different design interfaces known as Designer StudiosEach separate Designer Studio is used to create a specific Designer Element of its specific namesake. Such Studios include:

  • Flow Designer 
  • Rule Designer  
  • etc...
Additional Information 
For more information on Designer Studios, see Introduction to the Designer Studio.

The Designer Studio Settings is a category within the System > Settings Folder, that allows users to adjust settings for features within the Decisions Studio as a whole and each individual Designer Studio as well.

The following document discusses how to access and adjust the Designer Studio Settings within the Decisions Studio. 


The follow table lists each setting found in the Designer Studio Settings window, it's default value, and its function.

Setting LocationSetting NameDefault ValueDescription
All DesignersEnable Bulk Name Change ActionFalse
This is an advanced setting that may cause data loss when used improperly.
It is recommended to contact before implementing this setting. Otherwise, use at risk of losing data.
Toggle availability of the Rename Data Type in Folder action to appear in/on Designer Folders. This action checks every Designer Element in the selected Folder and changes every reference to one data type via name to another.
Hide Modifications Comments In HistoryTrueToggles visibility of modification comments in a Designer Element's History Folder.
Require Comment On SaveFalseToggles requiring submission of a comment to successfully save a Designer Element
Product Name to Show in DesignersDecisions
Submit Step Help RequestsTrueToggles appearance of the EDIT button when viewing Step Help in-product documentation. Set this to True to allow user-created, instance-specific documentation and/or notes for steps that other users may use as reference. 
Maximum Items in Lookup Lists250Prompts for the maximum number of items Lookup Lists will return
Disable Filtering For AdministratorsFalseToggle allowing accounts in the Administrator group to filter in the Portal and Studio
Automatically Add Entities to Parent Folder's ModuleTrue
Show Warning If Item Is Related To More Than X Other Rules and Flows3
ArchiveArchive Old Versions On SaveTrue

Ignore Versions Less Than Age
15 minutes
Designer ProjectShow Default Folder View PageTrue

Default Page TypeDesigner Project View
Designer SettingsDefault Flow TemplateBase Flow
Default Agent Flow TemplateBlank
Default Rule TemplateBlank
Default Rule Table TemplateBlank
Default Truth Table TemplateBlank
Default Form TemplateGrid Form
Default Form Background TemplateForm Background Copy
Default Data Repeater TemplateBase Data Repeater
Default Simple Form TemplateDefault Simple Form
Default Simple Form Repeater TemplateDefault Simple Form Repeater [1]
Default End Form TemplateBase End Form
Default Page TemplateBase Page
Default Report TemplateBlank
Default TextMerge (Text) TemplateBlank
Default TextMerge (Cell) TemplateBlank
Entity PickersShow Parent FolderTrue
Show Root FolderTrue
Show Current FolderTrue
Export History Folder ContentsExport History FolderFalse
Export CommentsFalse
Export DocumentsFalse
Export BackupsFalse
Export AssignmentsFalse
Export Unit TestsTrue
Flow Debug DefaultRemember to the Recent ListTrue
Flow DesignerClear Flow Data on ExceptionFalse
HTML DesignerLink TypeCorneredDirect
Step ShapeDarkIconDefault, DarkIcon, Box, Icon, BoxWithLargeIcon, NoIconBox
Jump LinesTrue
Avoid NodesTrue
Validation StyleValidation OutlineSurroundSurround, Underline, Off
Validation DisplayIconAndTextIconAndText, Icon, Text
BreakBackground ColorNone
Border ColorNone
WarningBackground ColorNone
Border ColorNone
No IssueDisplay No Issue ValidationFalse

Background Color

Border Color

Is Valid Message

Only Show Valid Message When Filled In
GridCan Add ColumnsFalse
Show Group Field NameNot On Single Grouping

Not On Single Grouping--

Never --

Icon TypeCircleNone, Circle, Ghost Circle, Image
Row Left Click Action TypeShow Slider

Show Slider--

Show Actions--

Default Action--

No Actions--
Row Right Click Action TypeShow Actions
Selected Rows StyleLeft Side Indicator

Left Side Indicator--

Row Background--

Row Background And Right Side Indicator--

Left and Right Side Indicator--
Enable Row NumberingTrue
Enable GroupingTrue
Enable SortingTrue
Enable Grid Stretch ModeFalse
Report Row NumberingReset on Every Page of Report

Reset on Every Page of Report--

Continue Numbers on Report--
Show Selected Row IndicatorFalse
ImportingApprove ImportingTrue
Approve Import By GroupBlank
Inline Page DesignerRestrict Inline Page EditingFalse

Restrict To GroupsBlank
Integration with DatabaseGroups Can Create ConnectionDesigners, Administrators
Groups Can See Connection StringDesigners, Administrators
OwnerSet Creator as OwnerTrue
Notify Owner on ChangesTrue
Query EditorAllow Designers to Use Query EditorFalse
Report DesignersRequire PermissionsFalse

Groups With Unrestricted PermissionsDesigners
In-Memory Data PaginationFalse
Report ViewerAllow Edit Report Button in HeaderTrue
Rule DesignerList Rule Constant Values Over10
Show Case Sensitive Indicator in Rule TextFalse
Run Unit TestsEmail Addresses to Notify on Broken TestsBlank
Run Unit Tests After Designer SavedFalse

Send Notification to Owner on Unit Test RunTrue

Notification TypeAlways
All Unit Tests Execution > DailyFalse
All Unit Tests Execution > After ImportFalse
All Unit Tests Execution > Flow to Run After All Unit Tests ExecutionAfter Unit Test Execution Completed
State ColorsDefault Colors (1-16)Various
Studio SettingsStudio SloganDecisions Studio
Studio WebPage TitleDecisions Studio
Studio Logo--
System FolderStudio Only

Studio Only--

Studio and User Portal--
Export ActionsStudio Only
Audit ActionsStudio Only
Get ID ActionsStudio Only
Integration ActionsStudio Only
Project Documentation Template
Hide My Apps Folder in StudioFalse
User Defined TypesAdd Member CategoryEntity [User Defined]

Accessing the Designer Studio Settings

  1. In the Decisions Studio, navigate to System > Settings.
  2. Scroll down in the Settings, then locate and select Designer Studio Settings.
  3. Within this window are several different sections that all pertain to different configurations for the Designer Studios, from Flow configurations to process state settings. Each setting section is collapsable. 
    1.  The option to hide the My Apps Folder in Studio is found under the collapsable STUDIO SETTINGS section.
  4. Locate the STUDIO SETTINGS section to expose the configuration options available for the Decisions Studio itself.
  5. From here, the Studio Slogan can be changed, which will appear in the top banner in replace of DECISIONS STUDIO.
  6. The Studio WebPage Title is what will appear for the Decisions Studio in a tab or as the title of the web page if sourced.
  7. The Studio Logo section is to add a customized logo that appears at the top of the Studio.
  8. There are 5 aspects of the Studio that can be enabled for either the Studio only or both the Studio and the Portal. These features are explained in the table below.

    System FolderThe System folder is used to access these settings. It contains access to a range of other configurations and settings as well.
    Export ActionsActions used to export a project or single Designer element from the Decisions environment.
    Audit ActionsActions used to access audit and history information for a specific folder or Designer element.
    Get ID ActionsActions used to retrieve the unique ID for a specific folder or Designer element.
    Integration ActionsActions used to integrate a project or Designer element with another service via REST API calls.
    Studio SettingsHide My Apps Folder In Studio
    • Enables the user to hide the My Apps Folder in the Studio environment

7.9 Update Notes

In installations v.7.9+ the previously deprecated Groups Can See Connection String setting has been added back to the INTEGRATION WITH DATABASE category of the Designer Studio Settings.

This setting allows Administrators to set which User Groups they want to be able to see the Connection String. This can be done by selecting ADD NEW then selecting the desired Group. 

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