Creating OAuth Tokens
  • 29 Jul 2021
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Creating OAuth Tokens

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Create tokens for the applications being utilizing that require authorization with this standard token-based authentication that allows an end user's account information to be used by third-party services without exposing the user's password. Ex: Facebook, Salesforce, Twitter.


  1. Once the provider is set up, navigate to the System > Integration > OAuth > Tokens.
  2. After selecting Create Token a dialog box will display providers to create a token with:

  3. Override any of the information that has already been specified. Uncheck the Use Default Keys and options to add custom details will appear.

    Resource IdentifierResource Server.
    ScopeLimits access to the account. Multiple scopes can be added separated by a space.
    Additional ValuesAny other values that may need to be added. 
  4. Select Request Token. This will show if the request succeeded or failed.

  5. Once any token exists in the System > Integrations > OAuth > Tokens folder, any step of Decisions integrations or REST service created and configured to use OAuth will display a dropdown to select any of those tokens to use during authorization.
    For client credentials, the necessary steps will have to be put in place that will reset and recreate those tokens, if they ever expire.

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