Assigning Default Designer Templates
  • 28 Oct 2021
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Assigning Default Designer Templates

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Every Designer Element has a default template that is brought up when a user creates a new Entity. This article discusses where to find a list of the available templates.

Default Designer Templates

  1. Whenever the CREATE action is used at the top of a Designer Project, the user has the option to pick templates associated with the type of element being built. 
  2. If the CREATE FLOW button is selected and the Flow tile at the top of the window is picked, the user will be redirected to a Flow Designer with the Default Flow Template (Start/End step). 

  3. Every Designer element has a default template, all of which can be changed to something else. 
    The base default template can be modified as well, but this is typically not recommended unless a copy is made and the copied version is edited instead.
  4. To access the list of Default Templates, navigate to System > Settings > Designer Settings
  5. When the window appears, enter "template" into the search box to reveal the available template options under the DESIGNER SETTINGS section. 
  6. The PICK and EDIT buttons can be used to either choose or modify an existing template. 
  7. Select the SAVE button to implement any changes.

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