About Simple Forms
  • 13 Apr 2022
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About Simple Forms

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Simple Forms are a type of Form built for quickly constructing basic functions with a sleek, modern design. The Simple Form Designer contains the most commonly used Form components. Users must consider if a Simple Form supports the correct component to either collect their desired data type(s) and perform the desired functions with or upon them.

Creating a Simple Form

  1. In a Designer Folder, select CREATE FORM.
  2. Navigate to and select Simple Form, name the Form. Select CREATE.
  3. In the Simple Form Designer, notice there are two options for the Layout, Grid Layout and Vertical Stack. Leave the Layout as Vertical Stack for this example.
  4. Drag and drop different controls onto the Form. The Form in this example has a Date Picker (DOB), two TextBoxes (Name and Email Address), a File Upload component, and two Button components (one labeled OK, and one CANCEL). 
  5. As the control is dropped, a dialog will appear to give the control a Data Name and Label. Once the control is named, a Label will automatically appear above the control. Name this component Resume Upload.
  6. Navigate to the Properties panel > LABEL PROPERTIES > Static Input and disable the boolean.
  7. Input Properties panel > Label DataName as the text to be displayed when viewing the Form.
  8. Save and Close the Form.


  1. Save and close Form and add it to a Flow as an Add Task step from the Toolbox > FAVORITE STEPS section.
  2. Connect the step to the Start and End steps.
  3. In the Properties panel > INPUTS > This is a Resume Upload change the input mapping to Constant.
  4. Input a value to change the Label to.
    Note: The text here should match the DataName input at Form creation.

  5. Select Debug from the top action panel; this action will automatically save the Flow. 
  6. As the Debugger runs, notice the Label change. The Flow is successful.

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