Creating and Using Form Backgrounds
  • 15 Jul 2021
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Creating and Using Form Backgrounds

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Form Backgrounds are unique entities that are used as templates to create Forms with a uniform look and feel. Forms that use a specific form background are automatically updated when the background is updated. In other words, the Forms that use the background simply make reference to that background.

Create Form Background

In this example, create a Form Background and add an image to it. Then create another Form and add the Form Background to it.

  1. In a Designer Project, select CREATE FORM.
  2. In the Create Form dialog, select the Form Background category.
    1. Choose Form Background.
    2. Name the Form Background.
    3. Select CREATE.
  3. In the Form Designer, select the blank Form, then navigate to the Properties panel and expand View.
  4. In the Background type drop-down, select Color.
    1.  PICK a Background Color.
  5. From the Form Controls section, expand Images > Banking-Finance > Image: 014-Idea.svg.
  6. Drag the As Image component to the Form.
    It is also possible to upload an image from a File or URL by using the Image component.
    To display a dynamic icon or logo, uncheck the Static Image checkbox and supply a Data Name. 
  7. Save and close the Form Designer.

Apply the Form Background

  1. Create a Form.
  2. In the new Form's Properties panel navigate to Form Background > Pick Form Background. Click Pick.
  3. Choose the Form Background that was just created. Select PICK.
    Form Controls can now be added to further build the Form.

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