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The USPS Web Tool Kit Application Program Interfaces (APIs) allow developers of web-based and shrink-wrapped applications access to the online services of the United States Postal Service (USPS). They provide easy access to shipping information and services for your customers. By integrating these APIs into your web site, your customers can utilize the functions provided by the USPS without ever leaving your web site. Once the APIs are integrated into your web site, the USPS Shipping API Server communicates over HTTP using XML (Extensible Markup Language).

Adding the steps such as (GetCityByZip, GetCitiesByZips, GetZipByCity, NormalizeAddress, IsZipValidForCity )

In the Decisions Portal navigate to the System > Administration > Features Folder, locate Decisions.USPSmodule and select Install Module action.

For more information on USPS Web Tool Kit 

Note: to install Module in Decisions please read the following document.

Select YES to begin install

Then, System notifies that USPS Module was installed and Service Host Manager has to be restarted. We restart Service Host Manager.

Editing the USPSsettings can be located in System>Settings then by selecting USPS Settings.
Input UserId in USPS Integration and Save


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