How to Use Rule Audit History

Last Updated: 10/18/2018 Introduced in Version:


Rule Audit history is used to view a rule history, such as rule names that ran and the results that followed.

To set up a rule Audit History Report begin in the flow that a rule is in. Select the rule and navigate to the Properties panel, under Audit select the check box for Capture Audit History. When this check box is selected, three new inputs to the rule are now visible: Rule Audit Folder ID, Rule Audit ID and Rule Audit Name. These inputs don’t need to have information mapped into it in order to store the audit history. Although, if they are mapped they can be used to filter a report by quickly reporting on a certain process or filter for certain rules. 

Figure 1: Rule Properties within the Flow Designer


Most often the Rule Audit History is displayed in a report. Within a report select Rule Audit History as the Data Source. This will work as a normal report so it can be filtered by Time and Field Names. This report will show multiple Data Fields relating to the audit.

Figure 2: Report Designer

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