Undelete an Entity

Last Updated: 10/18/2018 Introduced in Version:


This tutorial demonstrated how to Undelete when an Entity has been deleted. The video below shows a quick example of how this task is carried out. This is the same process for any deleted item that needs to be recovered within Decisions. 



Navigate to the Designer Folder on the right select Folder View. 


On the right side panel select the settings button. 

Select Change. 

Select the Folder Entity you choose to Undelete.


Deleted Items can be found in the resulting display list. In the Deleted column, items are listed as False if they have not been deleted or True if they have been Deleted. Select the item you desire to Undelete.

Right-click the Entity Name and select Undelete Entity or (Flow, File, Data etc.). 

Select OK.

After the Entity is Undeleted, Navigate to its original Designer folder. 

For information on creating editing and deleting folder entities see attached link; https://documentation.decisions.com/creating-editing-and-deleting-folder-entities-with-the-flow-designer/.



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