Triggering Outcomes on Intercepted Data

Last Updated: 11/06/2018 Introduced in Version: 4.0

This tutorial demonstrates how to Trigger Outcomes to handle Intercepted Data in Decisions. To prevent our Process Flow from stopping when invalid data is intercepted, we can trigger Rule Set outcomes on Intercepted Data automatically and send invalid data on a different branch the Main Flow.



In this example create an automated handler on Manually Approve if Hose, notify the user and continue the Flow. Begin in the Rule Set Folder by selecting Setup Rule Set located on the Folder Actions Panel.

Figure 1


In the Setup Rule Set scroll down to Outcome Options section and add new Defined Outcome Path. Then select Ok to save and continue.

Figure 2


Back in the Rule Set Folder select Add Rule > Evaluation on Folder Actions Panel.

Figure 3


In the resulting Name the Rule and click Ok to proceed to the Rule Designer.

Figure 4


Based on the Evaluation Rule result pick Rule Set Outcome Path the Flow will continue and execute. On the Start Rule choose Done for the Outcome Path on False and Manually Approve for the Outcome Path on True. Then choose Add New Rule Step.

Figure 5



Next navigate back to the Interceptor Rule folder and choose the main flow (Pet Application).  The image below shows a completed flow using the Rule Set, a Form, and an email step. The Rule Set now has two outcome paths, 1. Manually Approve and 2. Done. After the Rule Set Runs it will evaluate the data and either go down the Done pathway or the Manually Approve pathway. 

Figure 6


Interceptor Rules

Creating Rules from Intercepted Data




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