Get Message Content By Status
  • 23 Mar 2024
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Get Message Content By Status

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Step Details
Introduced in Version8.19
Last Modified in Version8.19
LocationHL7 > Received Message Steps

This step gets decrypted message content from the hl7_received_message_data table based on its status in hl7_received_message_header table. This message can be reevaluated using any steps the user chooses.


This step requires the HL7 module to be installed before it will be available in the toolbox. 



PropertyDescriptionData Type
StatusStatus of the HL7 decrypted messages to be pulled.String [System]


PropertyDescriptionData Type
OutputList of all decrypted messages that meet the Input Status.List of ReceivedMessageContent [Decisions.HL7.FlowSteps]

Step Changes

DescriptionVersionDateDeveloper Task
Added to HL7 module8.19March 27, 2024DT-40484

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