SharePoint Module Basics – Setup

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The SharePoint module includes Flow Steps for dealing with Lists and Documents in SharePoint using the Flow Designer.  This module is NOT needed to embed Decisions Forms, Flows, and user driven Workflows in SharePoint.  This module is only needed if user wants the Flow Engine to be able to access, update, modify Lists and Documents in Microsoft SharePoint.


SharePoint 2010 or newer.

Installing the SharePoint module

In the Studio navigate to System > Administration > Features folder.

Installed Features folder view presents a report of installed modules on the left hand side and a report of Available Modules on the right hand side.

Locate Decisons.Sharepoint and click Install


Once installed, Decisions will need to be restarted before the module can be used.

Navigate to the root System folder and click Restart Instance

Decisions will be down for 5-10 minutes.

Once Decisions is back up, the SharePoint module is ready to be used and appears in the Installed Features report.


Supported SharePoint Features

The SharePoint module provides steps for working with Lists and Documents.

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