Script Form Step For External Forms

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A Script Form Step was designed for doing additional work with javascript before processing an External Form. This tutorial shows a simple example of how to configure and use the Script Form step in a flow.

This document applies only to 5.0 versions.


Simple Script Form Step

On the Script Form Step under the Script section, there are two options for the Script Source:

NVelocity and Data 

  • Data: Allows script data to pass to the step. 
  • NVelocity: Allows script to be manually entered in the text box under Script Data. 
  • NVelocity Script Source: Use NVelocity and add the script in the text box under Script Data [NVelocity]. 


In this example, use NVelocity Script Source. Use NVelocity and add the script in the text box under Script Data [NVelocity].  If pass Data needs to be passed to this step select Add New under the Expose Data On Service section (Figure 1).

Figure 1



On the Script Form Step in the properties tab in the Service Definition section under Service Outcomes, select Add New and add an outcome path (Figure 2).

Figure 2



Select Integration on the orange action panel to view how to interact with script forms (Figure 3).

Figure 3



Under External Form Integration Details select Script Forms and view details for Script Form (Figure 4).

Figure 4


Select Script Form Details and view Javascript details (Figure 5).

Figure 5

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