Retrieving and Processing PDF Form Fields in a Flow

Last Updated: 05/02/2018 Introduced in Version: 2.0


PDF form field values can be extracted and used as variables in a flow using the Get PDF Form Fields component. This component is found in the Toolbox panel under the Data > PDF category.


In this example, a PDF form containing a bank account application is introduced to a flow and its data is extracted and presented on a form for review. The PDF form is configured as follows:
This example assumes a form displaying the PDF values already exists. It simply shows the bank account request data in textboxes and labels for review:
Begin by navigating to a Designer Folder and creating a new flow.
In the Flow Designer, on the right side click the Steps tab then navigate to Data > PDF > Get PDF Form Fields. 
Click and drag this step into the work space.
Next, add a Show Form to the workspace following the Get PDF Form Fields step, and configure it as shown above. Connect the Get PDF Form Fields step to the form.
Click on the Get Get PDF Form Fields step. Under Configuration, click the Browse button for PDF File Example. Browse to and select one of the following: (1) the PDF form template file, or (2) the actual PDF containing the data to retrieve and use in the flow. Introducing one of these files enables the step to recognize the form data; a string variable will be created for each piece of information detected.
Next, introduce the file containing the data. To browse to the file, under Inputs, select Constant as the mapping type. Click the Value field Browse button and browse to and select the file.
Lastly, map the output data from the Get PDF Form Fields step to the form. Click on the Bank Application Form step and click Edit Input Mappings option that appears in its Properties menu.
Map the PDF form fields to the input fields on the form by clicking on the output on the left and dragging the connector to the corresponding form field on the right.
Click OK. Connect the output paths from the form. The flow is complete and ready to test.

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