Retrieving and Processing PDF Form Fields in a Flow

Last Updated: 01/16/2019 Introduced in Version: 2.0

Retrieving and processing a PDF in Decisions can be done using several different steps. The PDF Form Field values can be extracted and used as a variable in a flow using the Get PDF Form Fields Step. This step is found in the Steps Tab under the Data> PDF> category. When using the Get PDF Form Field Step the PDF should be uploaded twice. In the step properties edit the step by adding the PDF file. The first, PDF Form Field is called the Example PDF and this file will auto-populate the PDF Feild definitions. Next, in the step properties, the PDF should be uploaded again as the Inputs to the PDF file. After both PDF’s are uploaded the designer can then map the form fields to be used downstream. 


In the Flow designer, navigate to the Steps Tab and locate Data> PDF> Get PDF Form Fields.  In the PDF category, different PDF Steps are available for different PDF transactions that can be used in the Flow (Figure 1).

Figure 1

Get PDF Form Feilds 

On the Get PDF step in the configuration category under PDF File example choose File or Drag the PDF file into the text box to upload a PDF. Under PDF Fields Definitions select Add New to add field definitions (Figure 2).

Figure 2

After the PDF Example File is uploaded, Decisions will auto-populate the PDF Field Definitions and they will appear in the text box under PDF Field Definitions (Figure 3).

Figure 3


Filling in Forms Using Flow

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