Replace Data In Configurations (Advanced)

Last Updated: 07/10/2018 Introduced in Version: 4.0

This tutorial demonstrates how to use the Replace Data In Configuration (Advanced) action on a Designer Folder in Decisions. This allows a user to replace data across all entities in Designer Folder instead of editing each entity individually.


In this example we are going to demonstrate how to use the Replace Data In Configuration (Advanced) action.

For this example we created a Designer Folder with a simple Flow, Form, and Rule.

The Flow, Form, and Rule contain Data named ‘Something’.

The Flow has an input named ‘Something’. This can be done by selecting Show Editor 

The output is also named ‘Something’.

The Form has an input ‘Something’ and displays Label of input Name ‘Something’ which can be found in the Form Controls panel

The Rule has an input ‘Something’ and uses it in a Rule Step. Do so by selecting Show Editor

Begin configuring the inputs 

To change this data name across all these entities in Designer Folder we can select Manage > Replace Data In Configuration (Advanced) action.

In the resulting window we check ‘I Understand This Action Might Corrupt The Configuration’ check-box to acknowledge the risks.

Then, we define what Data do we need to Replace (Something).

And, With field to define name to replace to.

When finished, we can click Ok to apply changes.

System notifies us with pop-up messages on what entities were changed.

Note: System does a back-up prior to perform changes.

If we look at our Flow, we should see that the Flow input data name has changed…

… as well as Flow output.

Form Input and the Label has changed too.

The data in the Rule has changed as well.