Accelerators Introduction
  • 23 Apr 2024
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Accelerators Introduction

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Accelerators are pre-built Decisions projects that are usable across industries to help automate different business needs. These projects highlight what is possible in Decisions using best practices for Decisions development and UI/UX design. Developers can use Accelerators as starting points for new projects or integrate them into existing projects. 

Each accelerator has an article to walk through using the Accelerator. There are also video overviews that can be found in the App Store. All Decisions created Accelerators are available through the platform. However, users can also find them at along with Community created projects.

Accelerators Availability 

These projects are built in the latest version at the time of development. They are not available for download in older versions. Accelerators are compatible with versions 8.0 and newer.

Installing Accelerators v9

  1.  Go to PROJECTS > App Store.
  2. Hover over the desired Accelerator and click the DETAILS button. 
  3.  This will navigate to a new page describing the Accelerator and there will be links to documentation and an install button. Hit the install button to proceed.
  4.  Accelerators will become their own Projects and have Project-specific configurations like any other user Project in the platform.

Installing Accelerators v8

  1. Navigate to the App Store in the Folders tab.
  2. Find the desired Accelerator in the Not Installed section and select Details. 
  3. On the App Details Page, select INSTALL.

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