Portal Chrome Options In URL Paths

Last Updated: 08/13/2018 Introduced in Version: 2.0

Decisions URL’s paths system were designed to provide the user with powerful navigation control in the Decisions System. Navigation can be done between Folders, Flows, Rules, Pages, Reports, Forms and much more using a wide variety of additional options like Security and View.


Portal Chrome Options

There are several options in Decisions used to change the Portal’s appearance using Chrome Parameter in URL.

By Default Portal looks as follow:




If we use Chrome=Off parameter by adding &Chrome=Off at the end of URL our Portal will look like this:



With the Chrome=Small our Portal view changes to this:



We can add Portal’s top bar to the previous view by changing Chrome parameter to Chrome=TopBarOnly.



Next, if we use Chrome=TopBarFolderTreeCollapsed parameter we add a Collapsed Folder Tree View panel to the previous image.


Chrome=NoTopBarHasFolderTree parameter will remove Portal’s Top Bar and add Expanded Folder Tree View to the previous look.



If we need only to show Collapsed Folder Tree in Portal we use Chrome=NoTopBarFolderTreeCollapsed parameter.




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